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  1. Hey Chuck, yeah I tried it a while back. When the system starts up it launches Primo but the "system startup, please wait" message which blocks the bottom part of the screen does not go away. I wonder if there is a way to block this message from coming up at startup?
  2. Thanks, i'll give it a try. Overview looks a little empty, though. Does the backlight control and hardware buttons work?
  3. Maybe you clicked the mute in the menu? (top right on the overview). Note if you restore to defaults or delete the save folder you will lose the extra information on the overview screen and get the blah regular version. If you delete and replace the save from the download your sound should work if it comes to that. This version is 1.1 I believe, I tried using 1.2 but it lacked much of the information on the overview screen that I like. You can try any version which is 800x480, just use the sys,txt file from the one I uploaded and it should work. The version provided is my favorite!
  4. The map colour can be changed through map settings, I found a few more day and night map options (16 total) which I will post shortly. The program auto-exit upon reaching the destination can be shut off in GJA Settings, then arrival settings I believe. Also somewhere in the GJA settings is an option for night filter, which may be set out of whack. Weird about the sound from the speakers, I think there may be a few lines missing in the sys.txt file or perhaps it can share the voice with the original Igo as well. I'm looking forward to tinkering some more when I get a chance.
  5. Hi Chuck, Haha, I didn't even know a long press of map brought up LCD brightness. I will start a new thread this weekend when I have some time. Sorry bud, I didn't mean to hijack you thread.
  6. I'm not really sure, it took me a lot of time just getting it working with Chuck's mod. You would have to use the CopyTool and CopyTool.mscr from the extension folder in the original Primo link provided, and possibly MortScript from Chuck's Mod in the Extension folder. If you were to put these 3 files in a folder somewhere you would need to launch Copytool (this file kills easyrider and launches Primo), either by exiting to windows explorer and starting it or creating a link to the file somewhere in your mod. The files for this link (icon) in Chuck's mod were in the ui_pioneer folder from t
  7. Sure, one way is to copy the Primo folder from the previously provided file to My Flash Disk/APL2/Primo. Verify that a path exists which is "\My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo\Primo.exe". After the files are copied, use this Testmode on an SD card (it will auto-launch Primo when inserted in unit at startup): http://hotfile.com/dl/128938576/9b50faf/Testmode.rar.html Unfortunately I have found that launching using this method hinders performance in Primo. The map updates slower, the unit will not show backup cam and it will not go into standby properly. Note when you turn off the ignition it wi
  8. Hey Chuck, a few improvements I have found with Primo: - Overall user friendliness. It seems as though everything is only a few taps of the screen away. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Igo Amigo, it was very user friendly but lacked many advanced settings and features that Igo 8 has. Primo seems to have brought that back, but with a simpler menu and interface. - Better utilization of resources (?) It feels as though it has smoother scrolling, and the it handles 3d better. Check out the 3d overview mode, it's awesome! - Better trip monitor! Speed and elevation trends are a few
  9. Hey, I'm back from a 3000 km round trip to Vancouver Island and had the pleasure of using Primo the entire trip with no crashes or other unforeseen issues! Primo looked absolutely stunning driving through the mountains with the premium DEM file. Anyways, here is the link: http://hotfile.com/dl/127874074/6a73966/AVICmod.rar.html. Unzip, copy to SD card and when it boots into testmode copy My Flash Disk from the SD card to the unit. Back up your unit first, and use at your own risk. A few things to note, changing the Day Skin Theme and Night Skin Theme from the display menu crashes
  10. Hi Chuck, I tried to PM you but it says you can't recive any new messages. I managed to get Primo working on my f500bt, and have found it to work quite well. It piggybacks off your mod through a shortcut in your "Apps 2" by killing easyrider and starting Primo. A few things to note: the backlight is not controlled by Primo (but still can be controlled before launching Primo through the main menu), the spoken directions are announced through the unit's speakers rather then the vehicle's (TTS is working), and the hard buttons don't work (other then power/standby). The backup cam still wor
  11. Hey Chuck, great mod as always. Thank you! The selectable colour schemes are great, and the one touch 3D/2D smartzoom to smarttrack make this mod perfect! As far as your previous comment goes regarding you GFX folder, I enjoy some of Abb's which show detailed topography in a nice green shade in rural areas (Abb - Pollution and Sunset II) which unfortunately isn't in any of the ones you included. I only have Canada maps on my unit so saving space isn't really a priority. It's too bad there doesn't seem to be as much interest as there was in these threads anymore, and as another pos
  12. Hey Chuck. I installed your mod from stock, and followed you instructions on the first page exactly but for some reason got the grey skies with the Pioneer blue and red day schemes. Maybe something wrong with my update to 3.1? Anyways, I copied all files and folders from the data.zip GFX folder and replaced the ones in the GFX folder you provided and now everything is working as it should. Thanks for the helpful advice!
  13. Great news Chuck, we eagerly await your update! One question if I may, after I copy the GFX folder to my unit for some reason Pioneer blue and Red no longer show a blue sky and clouds in 3D mode, it is just grey. If I delete the GFX folder, the sky once again shows up. Any advice? I like some of the custom schemes but find the Pioneer red to be my favorite while driving in cities. Thanks!
  14. Great job Chuck, the selectable zoom levels makes this mod absolutely perfect! Thanks for all your contributions over the past year and a half; it is sad to hear that such a talented modder is retiring. All the best, and thanks again!
  15. Looks great Chuck! Gave it a whirl today and am impressed, especially at the "SmartTrack" feature (I prefer 2d over 3d). I had been a long time user of Diaftia's mods and although I do miss some of his features/interface I think I will stick with yours for now. A few questions, is it possible to customize the zoom level/speed on SmartTrack? If I could get it to zoom out even further at higher speeds then there would be no need for the overview mode (while driving south it is difficult to see what is ahead). Also, what do you mean by "True LCD backlight OFF during "Screen OFF" function (fr
  16. Great update, and yes I am enjoying the hybrid mods One issue I am having is dynamic volume will not work. When I set it to "On" as soon as I leave the Volume Setting screen it reverts back to off. Also, how does Autokarta work? There are options for both "Call from Cockpit" and "Call from browser map" that allow "off", "Route Map" and "Pad". I cannot figure out what these do can you please explain? Thanks again for a great mod.
  17. Wow Diaftia, great mod! I especially like the customizable menus, it is now set up exactly how I like. I have been using your 2.3 version mod previously for the past year or so and found it to be the best available at the time. This new version is unbelievable! Fuel consumption, return to office, autokarta, customizable menus. Wow! I did have some problems getting TSS working, but simply copied and pasted from my old sys text file in the [folders] section.
  18. The links for the PLT and APL are broken, would someone be so kind as to re-up them?
  19. Even better, guess perhaps I don't need seeders after all. I see the update is from Pioneer Europe, can it be used in North America? Thanks!
  20. Please seed, I will return the favor at least 5 fold when I get the file!
  21. Thanks for the reply Abb, and great mod by the way. I tried twice from scratch with the same result carefully following your instructions. Funny that the backup copy I had of my "My Flash Drive" is 2.06 and not 3.0 for my f500bt, it must be an old backup. Maybe the reason it got stuck the second time around, not sure about the first. Now I have to re-update to version 3.0, no seeders at the moment for the torrent. Back to Daftia's 2.3 for now until I can get the update, I guess.
  22. Odd, when I update to version 4.0 I get stuck on the Pioneer screen and it does not load anything from there. Luckily I backed up and was able to restore. Version 3.25 worked fine, however. Does anyone else have this problem?
  23. Hello, for the life of me I cannot get any applications to run, even after following these directions " To run any application you must copy it in any next folder \Storage Card\Programs\ \Usb Disk\Programs\ \My Flash Disk\Programs\ and rename it into "application.exe" it will run :-)" I copied the applications to the \My Flash Disk\Programs\ folder, nothing. I renames the .exe files to application.exe, nothing. I place a subfolder under \My Flash Disk\Programs\ named applications.exe and my files inside that folder, and nothing. Did anyone get the "Run Application" to work p
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