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  1. The AVIC Development Mod

    unlock the igo with this script, then do the manual update for the maps of choice. no functions lost. READ INSTRUCTIONS so you do it correct or you might brick the unit
  2. The AVIC Development Mod

    thats the wrong one here is mine with both testkeys x000(5000-8000NEX F960BT/DAB F60BT/DAB) FW 1.11/1.13/1.14/1.15 - iGO ver: x000_1.11_9_18_28.610126.rar
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

  4. http://workle.website/4h

  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    My suggestion is to patch the IGO software first, then update your maps. I also tried this package but didnt get it to work correctly. use the goldenapple (tech key) script to copy files (maps) can be found here
  6. http://arde.weebercorp.com/wiki/index.php?title=Usuario:Lorrie2023

  7. http://workle.website/5c

  8. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    "The synctool works just fine, I'll insert a blank USB drive that's been formatted to FAT32 into my unit and it successfully places a "synctool" folder on the drive. When placing this drive into my computer, toolbox does not recognize it, but the computer does. " seems like you have done the right steps here. clean/formatted usb fat32 then run the synctool on the unit to copy the right files over before running toolbox on the pc. what ive noticed is that if you have updated the firmware on the unit after "prepping" the usbstick with the synctool folder etc it wont work due to new files. so do an synctool after a firmwar update. but i think you have this sorted. Also have the latest update of toolbox on your pc installed. ive noticed on prev updates there was a lack of support for usb sticks. Maybe you could try the update with an sdcard? Maybe the latest updates of toolbox have broken something also. all updates dont have to be good updates. maybe try an older versrion?
  9. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    all have this i think. if you have ALOT of songs it takes a LOOOOOOOOOONG time to index. if car is shutdown before its done,..your back to square one maybe anyone could suplement the issue more? You can also ask in the slack forum/chat. they know for sure
  10. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    check pm. try an downgrade of firmware
  11. if its only for cracking/patching the navi...yes. just use the correct patch/crack,and use the new testmode key (goldenapple)
  12. AVIC 8200 not displaying iphone 6 phonebook via bluetooth

    fixed? if you updated firmware, remember to also update the Bluetooth firmware. same files as normal fwupdate put another option in the unit (atleast for my f60dab/nex8000)
  13. NaviExtras doesn't see my USB thumb drive!?!?

    none. fat is fat16, needs fat32 i think. try using a windows computer....but you could always try with ms-dos-fat on mac (it might be fat32). maybe try an third party formatprogram that supports fat32?
  14. NaviExtras doesn't see my USB thumb drive!?!?

    synctool is an option on the f60dab that you have to use before you update your maps with naviextras
  15. NaviExtras doesn't see my USB thumb drive!?!?

    i preffer to use usbstick instead. And you also need a clean/formated sdcard/usbstick, and run synctool on the unit first (with card/usbstick) connected. Then it will copy the needed files to the card/usb. remove and connect to computer with the naviextras software (use latest version of software)