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  1. Samsung S8 Plus output Nex 8100

    Samsung brought back HDMI feature on their flagship phone now?? I miss my HDMI feature on my Note Edge. Now I got a Note 5 and lost my sd and HDMI.
  2. Hi guys, I have a Pioneer AVIC8000nex and have subscription for AVICsync on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Yesterday, I was going to a place and enter the address to the place and notice my navi is not syncing to my phone. I've check the setting and the radio had replace my Note 5 to iGO Primo. I can't delete or remove this device cause it keep saying it needs to connect in order to be remove. I never own any iGO product and I can't sync my Note 5. Anyone having this issue? It was working last week, now my phone is not even listed on the menu. Thanks in advance. P.S. Pioneer should ready step up the game and get an update fix to allow us to remove a device without having the device.
  3. AVICSYNC app for iOS (iPhone 6)...sucks

    I'd update my AVIC-8000nex to 1.11 and download avicsync on my Samsung Note 5 and connected to my 8000nex and it works. AVICsync will connect automatically when I plug in the USB cable, but have to manually exit the app when I unplug it. It works and everything, but I'm kind of upset due to the fact that I'd waited over a year to finally got AVICsync to work and come to find out, it wasn't free. You have to buy a yearly subscription. 1st for Connected services: North America - 1year for $15.99 and 2nd Live for HD Traffic: USA and Canada- 1 year for $24.99. I try clicking on it to make a purchase, the price is not as advertise as what on the app. They want $17.23 for 1 year of Connected service and $26.93 for Live HD Traffic. So the price is different from the app to app store.
  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hey Guys, What's the benefit of rooting my 8000Nex??
  5. Spotify

    I use Spotify on my 8000nex via bluetooth. It shows all the info on the track is playing.
  6. 8100 with a sub question. And I'm a little dumb.

    Have you check the setting on the basslink? When hooking up an external sub system. You will need to go inside the stereo setting and set ur crossover and gain to match the sub out put to match the doors speakers. I have the 8000nex and I was running a 6500watt amp pushing 2 12in and I have to set the gain right to match my door speakers which use the headunit to power them. Now I got custom door speakers and a separate 4 channel amp and I eliminate to use of my headunit. Now all my sound are power by 2 external amps.
  7. Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD background woes

    I got an AVIC8000NEX and have thia Sundown Audio wallpaper on mine. Also have a different Sundown Audio splash screen when the unit starts up. I'm digging it.
  8. 4000nex bluetooth vs hdmi Pandora

    I'll go with Bluetooth. Using Pandora via HDMI will eat up your phone battery. Well, according to my Note Edge. I have mine plug to a Samsung HML adapter and play pandora via HDMI and my battery drop from 100% to 45% in an hour. Bluetooth will keep your phone charge while streaming Pandora.
  9. Announce Street names vice landmarks

    Open up the navi, in the navi menu. go to setting and there should be a list of voices. pick the very first voice. It's an annoying female voice. LoL. It annoy me when I go over the speed limit. hahhaa
  10. USB Playback Android Phone

    You have to format the usb flashdrive to FAT32 and cannot be larger then 32gb. Then you should be fine. I have a 64GB SD Card and a 500GB usb hdd and I have to convert to 32gb FAT32 on my SD Card and break the hdd into partion of 30GB with FAT32 for my AVIC8000nex to recognize it.
  11. AVIC-8000NEX Troubleshooting No Nav Voice

    Did you hook up appradio? That usually mute the navi voice. I have my appradio via Android HDMI and it disable my Navi voice.
  12. Wrong Speed Limit Signs for AVIC-8100NEX Nav?

    My AVIC8000nex show the correct speed limit sign. That's weird your showing incorrect speed sign.
  13. AvicSync news

    You can mirror the S5 to your headunit via HDMI - HML adapter. The s6, s6+, and Note 5 don't have to capability to output video via HML. Samsung removed that feature on the newer phone. Which is why I am disappointed at Samsung for removing this feature. I've heard Mirrorlink is garbage. I am using AppRadio mode on my Note Edge, but if you root your phone. You can fully mirror you entire phone to the headunit and have full touch capabilities.
  14. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Confirmed this work. Just a question. Do I need to have the parking break on to update Navi? I can't seem to update my map on my NEX8000
  15. HDMI input for Smartphone on NEX series

    Hey guys, I have the 8000nex for a few months now. I was able to get ARunchained to work on my Samsung Note 2 via MHL adapter. Now I got a new phone, Samsung Note Edge and it's rooted running a custom Android Lollipop. Now I can't get ARunchained to work. It doesn't connect via Bluetooth but I was able to mirror the display. You guys know if the Note Edge is supported?