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  1. This is an extremely annoying part of the startup.. but I've learned to live with it.
  2. If you ever got this done and had pictures, it would be nice to see.
  3. Would have to say that everything but country really gets played through my speakers.
  4. Would be nice to see more integration geared towards androids.
  5. I've been in a car with three of the mini piezo alarms, and it hurts my ears.
  6. Great to know where these can be found without going through Pioneer. These always fall off of my customer's cars.
  7. Anyone try this yet? I would be great to know,
  8. Definitely one of the biggest downfalls on this stereo was the start up time (without the update that is).
  9. Nice install on the double din. I've seen too many people hack this up in this body style when trying to put a double din in.
  10. This is only for the AppRadio2 though, right? Thanks for posting.
  11. I'm also curious if there is a fix now for this, my customer's would really like this to work.
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