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  1. Well, if I play MP3s on my phone and have the AVIC source set to BT audio, I see the Album/Artist info, so I guess it works.
  2. Do you have Daytime Running Lights? If so, it is not as straight-forward. If your headlights are always on, your display will always be dim - too dim for daytime use. That is - once the installer corrects the ILL wire connection. BTW, I believe that the setting you referred to only controls whether the display inverts (dark landscape instead of light/white) when in night mode (as detected by the ILL wire), I don't think it affects display brightness per se. I was playing around with this, setting it to "Daytime" instead of "Automatic", and the map didn't invert at night (when the headlig
  3. First, does your phone show as currently paired with the AVIC? If not, try pairing it. Another idea...Maybe it can't update if there is an ongoing connection with the phone, so try turning the phone off. Keep playing with it, you'll get it. And when you do, post the solution. We need to make the instructions fool-proof.
  4. You might have said in a previous thread, do you have Echo Cancel enabled? I found it made a big difference. I also wrapped tape (black electrical tape) around the sides of the mic to cut down ambiant noise. Finally, I moved it up past the pillar, above the window a few inches closer to my head - tucked the wire into the trim with the headliner. I don't have any problems anymore. If you have an iPod, are you also having problems with VR? I was originally, which sort of ruled out that it was a just a phone/BT issue. BTW. I currently have an HTC HD2. Previous phone was worse (Ph
  5. If you can find the Z110 far cheaper than the Z120, then you could buy the Z110 and update the software to make it a Z120. You could either buy the software update for $130 - $200 ($200 is list price) or you could download the SD images and visit the hack thread for the DIY instructions. It all depends on if you can get a good enough deal on a clearance priced Z110, and how much effort you are willing to put into the project. BTW, if you buy the update, it won't affect your warrantee.
  6. Makaveli, Thanks, that seems to work. The iPod Touch doesn't have a "global" shuffle setting, so I was expecting setting a playlist to shuffle would either be temporary or only apply to the current playlist. But I set it on the current playlist(detached from the AVIC), and it seems to have stuck. Upon reconnecting to the AVIC, it did have to completely rebuild the VR directory (a rather long process - espesially if you are waiting in the garage for it to finish), but now the Z110 does retain the shuffle setting across several restarts and playlists. I haven't tried switching between selected
  7. If you read the Hack email trail, it seems possible - get that update, and follow the directions (you would in that case need the EU update). Yes, it seems that it is possible to install either the NA, EU or AU (are there others?) updates using the hacked 1.002 password patch. However, at this time it is not possible to modify/add maps on the AVIC that weren't part of that release. That is what it seemed the OP was asking. Maybe I mis-read the question - it wasn't clearly worded.
  8. I noticed the same thing after my OS upgrade (the Z110->Z120 update). It doesn'r retain the random shuffle setting.
  9. This is a US version and therefore contains the US maps, unles you can separate the interface and install that only, which I'm not sure you can Would it not update all of North America Maps? what if you drove to Canada using your gps, it would only use the updated US Maps, and not the Canadian? if it updates Canada Maps I will Definitly do the change, if not im gonna have to buy it To be precise, this update is for the North American version, so it has the latest maps that are included in the Z120. So yes, it includes Canada. I wouldn't bet on adding any other areas/map beyond wh
  10. I'm not surprised that this didn't fix the problem, but it is a logical 1st step in figuring out what's wrong. That is, it puts the Z120 in a known, stable state. Here are some ideas on how to proceed. - Is your phone a Blackberry? There seems to be more problems with the Z110 BT on them. Look for more threads on BB pairing issues- there may be issues already addressed. What phone/model do you have? - Is there any firmware update for your phone? Sometimes manufacturers fix pairing issues. - Has the latest Pioneer update been installed? Latest version is 3.02. I think it is displayed
  11. TxFrdOwner, Just curious, did you produce that nice diagram showing the NAV unit and the cabling, or was that from PAC-Audio? NIce job if you did, but if PAC-Audio is marketing this, they really missed the boat (no video). As far as parts to fabricate the correct adapter, even though 4 connector 3.5 mm male and female plugs/jacks are available (DigiKey would likely have), odds are against just replacing the jack in the PAC-Audio mount. It is probably a molded single piece unit. You would probably end up destroying it. However, if it looks like the old jack is removable. Digikey
  12. I don't know anything about the Android OS, but with my HTC HD2 (WM6.5), during pairing the phone asks if it is allowed to share the address book/contacts. It happens a few seconds after entering the code, and I think it is because the AVIC attempted to access the contacts. Maybe you need to re-pair and watch for the prompt on the phone. The prompt only stays there for a short time, so I don't know what happens if you don't respond. Maybe it defaults to not allowing access. Like I said, Android may have a completely different interface. There may also be some setting in the phones BT
  13. Sorry!!! Yes sir, you're absolutely right. So, I fixed it.
  14. So, how's that hack goin???? I hear ya. I jumped at the Amazon 129.49 deal cause it was a lot better than @200+shipping - which was out of the question. I figure I've got about 2-3 weeks to decide if I really want it or I can canx it. Don't need new maps for my current usage, and I have an iPod - not iPhone, so Pandora is useless. Not even sure if I like that Sphere thing - I just play my tunes using large playlists (400-500 per list) with random shuffle. I already have enough distractions driving - so a splashy user interface is not going to help. I was really looking for some fixes
  15. Was the seller Amazon.com??? The code won't work if it is a 3rd party seller, as has been stated several times already in this and similar threads. UPDATE..... I just tried adding this item (sold by Amazon) and used the code "AYLPEFW7", it didn't work. So you are right, there are restrictions on which Pioneer products qualify. However, I added an AVIC Z120-BT and it did take 30% off. Unfortunately, I don't need another.
  16. You need to select Amazon as the seller, not the other vendor (The Price Bros) who actually has a lower pre-coupon price - $167.xx I think. I just worked for me.
  17. Definitely do it today. Since it won't ship for another month, you can always cancel if you change your mind. Thanks for the tip - and the coupon code "UIBMC8UY". Sweet deal. Hmmm. I wonder if this discount is to clear out Pioneer's inventory of the older version, since they also released a patch update (2.003). It will be interesting to see which version ships.
  18. Are you sure about the MP3 format being the same as the ones that play? Bit-rate (8-320kbps), sample rate, compression - there are various MP3 compressions - such as mp3 PRO. ID3 tag version? And of course DRM flag. Try copying the files to an SD card and playing them that way. If they play, then it must be the ipod. You may need to convert them - use something like Media Monkey. Not sure if iTunes can do it, I avoid it like the plague.
  19. I don't have the files in front of me, but here is the general idea. Download the SD images. SD1 has the 3.10 F/W, SD2 has 3.11. You only need SD2 AFAIK. Copy the files from the SD2 image to your SD card. I think it has a directory called "Firmware\BT". Copy this to the root of your SD. Insert the SD card into the Z110, go to Bluetooth settings menu and scroll down to "Firmware Update". It should find and update the AVIC BT. It takes about 5 minutes and it will wipe out all of your pairings. I had some audio quality problems after the update - stereo audio sounded like AM radio quali
  20. Well, maybe I'm the only one to try flashing just the BT update off the downloaded SD image. Anyway, I've been living with this for about 1 week. Yesterday, I was updating the ROM firmaware in my phone (HTC HD2), which wiped out all my pairings - and most everything else. When I re-paired with the AVIC, I immediately noticed an improvement in the quality of streaming audio and MP3s. Sounded like FM radio again - instead of low quality AM. BTW, I never noticed a degradation of hands-free audio. It was only "phone quality" to begin with. I wonder if the two profiles use a different bit-rate.
  21. You need to use the TTS voice Right, and I don't think this is new. I never used the TextToSpeach voice because it sounded so mechanical and it mis-pronounces most names anyway. But I thought the previous poster said he couldn't change the voice - or maybe he wanted to change the gender of the TTS voice?
  22. 1st a question... Has anyone else just downloaded SD2 (from a link somewhere else on this board) and updated only the Bluetooth to 3.11?? BTW, this skips the Z120-BT F/W and BT 3.10 updates. I had read conflicting info about whether this would work. Besides hands-free phoning, I really like to play streaming internet and MP3s from the phone over the BT connection. The quality was excellent. So after the update, I tried connecting and playing an MP3. It sounded horrible - like a cheap AM radio. Streaming internet was also distorted - with no fidelity. Like a very low bit-rate compressio
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