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  1. Anyone with knoweldge which pins are Parking Break and NC for F320BT, are those same as for 310BT, PIN 10 - PKB suppose pkb = parking break and PIN 13 - NC? Thanks!
  2. By my opinion this guy just want make profit here, posting this, = scam cause maps costs 150 euros, and 15 people x 10 euros = 150 euros = new map update, cause map update at HERE is 150 euros, bellow link, http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqEurope-Site/en_GB/-/EUR/ViewProductDetail-Start;pgid=x5FaEXLf3axSR0lHHpni0xFT0000gW50DS0u;sid=YJrCqoKxUsPCqtT5uoOGooi7NzRIFNUf6iSVBAgP?ProductUUID=O4YKCghB1s0AAAE2e8YisL9t&CatalogCategoryID=O14KCghB3zMAAAE22O8isLvB in this thread is much more than 30 members which paid to Flomsen, all over 30 members is profit for Flomsen, cause this release 150 euros + new release 150 euros = 30 members x 10 euros, he got already 30 members, i'm sure by Paypal payment, but guy just try make money here, i'm not against that, it's his own decision and thing, but just not ok by sentence like "All donation going to the next map update to pioneer series" try making profit here and present us himself like good guy... After 30 members paid x 10 euros, it's fair to post links in public and password, that other can benefit with it, cause he collected money for next release, and for this release too. Think forums are for sharing stuff, or at least sharing costs, but after costs are covered by money collected from members, it's fair to share to all member from avic411 , i share many stuff in some other forums, but seems here people dont think on same way ...
  3. All links in 1st post dead, ryar pls reupload them if you can...
  4. Yes, same update files contain files necessary for BT softw. update. Nice news, 2012 were with very old db if i remember 2011.Q3, bad coverage, specially for EE. Hope now is better, i'm sure its better if inside is 2013.Q1. Tnx for info! Np
  5. Travolta, do you know maybe which version DB from NQ is inside, if i remember previous 2012 maps were 2011.Q3? Is now there maybe 2012.Q3 or 2013.Q1 NQ? p.s. for author of OP, you made mistake in writing instructions, wrote "route", instead files to be added on root of SD card , probably you though root of SD CARD .
  6. Install winrar, http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm , righ click on part1, and choose "extract here" or "extract to pionner 2013 update", and it will unpack all folders in 1 folder for you.
  7. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Anybody with new update 2013 maps?
  8. You have to fix GPS signal, to show your current location, until you don't fix gps signal, it will show different state than you are.
  9. Pionara is possible to downgrade from 2.001 to 1.004 stock firmware?
  10. Pioneer AVIC F930BT X930BT

    You need to block runing originally F930BT or X930BT gps app, which continue to make busy gps port (serial com port), that's reason why iGO8 can see that port, it's not blocked, it's just busy (used), with original gps app, you need to discover which app use gps port, .exe and to rename iGO8.exe in title of that app, or to make some unlock, which will run diff. shell, and then to rename igo8 exe to title of originally gps app .exe
  11. hello condczek, nice work by you, congratulations! Tell me what's default gps application on F models , what's .exe file for running default gps application on F models? You need to block runing default gps application in backround of F models, then you'll make "free" gps port of F models, you can do that on this way, just use some simple unlock based on daniel's sysinformation.exe and first run it, then igo application from that shell menu, on this way i think will not be problem with finding correct gps port and baudrate. I don't have F model, and i don't know what's inside, this is just advice for you, cause you own that model...