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  1. wanted cndv -40mt 1.2 or latest

    i have 1 but i live in sweden..will send it to you if you can figure out anyone yhat can make the n2 region free
  2. GPS Program version NG

    hi i have a avic -n2 and i live in europe,,is there any way to make my n2 region free?? i dont want to sell it before i know its impossible to make it region free.. for your trouble,have you tried to dump the memory and flash the system before loading the new map.
  3. CNDV-100MT Europe

    will these discs work on a avic-n2.. i have an avic-n2 and its locked to region 1 usa but i heard ppl saying there is a way to use em in europe..will theese discs work
  4. Service Secret Menu Pioneer Avic N4

    would presciate advice on how to change region settings on a avic-n2 want to change from Region 1 (usa) to Region 0 ( Region free ) or Region 2 ( Europe )
  5. Hacking Custom POI's and Speed Cameras

    hi james. do you know anything about changing the region code on avic-n2.i want to change from region1 (usa) to region free or region2 ( europe ).presciate answers
  6. bought an avic-n2 from usa without checking if i could use it in europe..and i cant..its locked to region 1 ( usa ).i need help with solwing this problem.i want to if possible make it region free or to region 2 ( europe ) , im ready to pay for the help..thanks
  7. Resetting THE AVIC N2 software.

    i would like to change my avic-n2 from region 1 (usa) to region 0 (region free ) or to region 2 (europe ) is it possible to use those steps advised upp here to change the region settings.im ready to pay for an advise that works..thans
  8. Resetting THE AVIC N2 software.

    can i change the usa maps to the european by following your advice..my usa maps is cndv50mt and the european map is cndv110mt burned on a dl disc..would really apresciate help
  9. Just got my N2 back from pioneer

  10. scroll in the audio menu and see so you dont have the mute on
  11. N2 disc eject

    the disc tray may have jumped out from its place and are causing this error
  12. find the rear and front outputs from the stereo and reverse the speaker cords from rear to front
  13. avic n2 problems

    re-chek the wiring in the back,make shure the power cords from your car puts out enough power on the cords,be carefull to not use more then 10amps in fuse
  14. try to ground the pbrake cable if not the pbrake connection is often really close to the handbrake
  15. Bought a n2 from usa with cndv50mt usa maps.i need help or support to convert it from usa maps to european. have cndv110mt west europe but it doesnt work,.it say - wrong disc or something like that. i downloaded and burned it with a dvd-dl disc in lowest possible speed..would presciate any help or support. Thanks