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Found 62 results

  1. I am having issues with my 4400NEX (latest firmware) and CarPlay via WIFI. Wifi CarPlay works flawlessly with my iphone X on v13.3.1. If it doesn't connect automatically, I can go to the Top Menu Screen select the phone icon and my iPhone X is listed. I can then select my iphone and it connects via wifi. No issues. Now I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on v13.3.1, I have connected it to the 4400NEX via usb, bluetooth and wifi and it works perfectly the 1st time. The problem is when I turn the truck off and start the truck up again the 4400NEX wifi doesn't connect to my iPhone. So I go to the top menu and when I select the phone icon all I see is my old iPhone X listed. My new iphone is not listed. If I go to my iphone 11 Pro Max settings select general > CarPlay > AVH-4400NEX > the CarPlay is on. But if I turn it off and on again the 4400NEX sees it and connects. I can plug my iPhone 11 Pro Max in by usb and it works flawlessly. But if I wanted it plugged in I wouldn't have replaced my 4200NEX with the 4400NEX. I've completely reset the radio, the phone, deleted everything from bluetooth on both the radio and phone and nothing seems to work. I can also find no way to get my old iphone deleted from the CarPlay wifi. I've deleted it from bluetooth no issues. But its still in the CarPlay wifi menu. I was hoping maybe someone on here had a similar issues and could help. Thank you for your time.
  2. CD stops when iPhone on camera

    Ok so I just finished installing an AVIC6400NEX head unit. Configured Apple CarPlay and all the bells and whistles. So to my surprise when trying to take a picture with my phone of the install, I put my phone in camera mode and the music (from the CD) stopped. Hit the home button and that was it, all functions were off. I could not select the CD as input with the camera of my phone on. Got out of the camera mode and bang, the music and all functions are back. Anyone knows what this is all about ? thanks !
  3. Hello dear forum, I was looking at the firmware specs for the F950BT and it seems that it supports apple carplay while the f950bt installed on my car sadly does not :(. I was wondering if the firmware would be cross compatible, or if someone has perhaps hacked the f950bt to support carplay or in some other way work with newer iPhones (I use an iPhone 7 plus). It's been a real struggle getting the thing to work with my phone, it supports bluetooth, but that's about it. Seems like a waste of a nice bit of kit. PS: Another issue I have with it is that my map is day coloured at night and vice versa, while the only settings associated with this are day and automatic (automatic causes the issue, day is just that, day) Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Hey guys so I have the Z110BT unit and I've never been able to get the music to come out of the car stereo when connected via USB cable. Initially I thought it was because the software was too old or what not. So i just upgraded to the latest version 6.00 and still no luck. I can play via Bluetooth just fine, but when I plug in via USB and open up pandora, the unit recognizes I'm trying to play pandora, but the music comes out of my phone instead of the car stereo. The weird thing is, I have the option to thumbs up/down tracks and even select my playlist which all work. I'm using an iPhone 6S and OEM Apple lightning cable. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Looking for hardware or software that will let me control all apps from hu. Using an iPhone 7plus. I've seen products like mimcsx2 which have to be connected to the ribbon cables on the screen. Currently using an android stick connected to hu with app radio unchained....not really enjoying it. Want to be able to plug iPhone to hu and have full control and mirror iPhone screen without JB.... Any thoughts ? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hey folks, I just picked up an 8200NEX to be installed by the local shop later this week, but I have some questions so that I can be prepared going in. I understand the unit comes with a single USB extension cable. Presumably this will connect to the USB1 input on the back for Apple CarPlay. Questions: Assuming I have no intention of connecting an android phone, can I still make use of the second USB input? What benefit might this serve me? E.g., could I use this to charge a second device? What happens if I have two devices connected at the same time (say an iPhone to USB1 and an iPod to USB2)? Will the system freak out or will I simply have additional options of what I wish to use? Do I require any specific type of cable, or any old 6ft USB extension cable will work? To make use of the HDMI mirroring, can I use any hdmi cable? Could I use the second USB port to charge while using HDMI? Thanks, Scott
  7. It seems as though to hear alerts from my iPhone I have to be set to bluetooth for the AV input. If I have the radio or some other source selected then I dont get any alerts. is there a trick to this?
  8. Z130BT Map Update

    I just updated my Z130BT Map Data using P/N T1000-23348 from the 2013 version P/N T1000-22466 which worked perfectly for 2+ years until now. This updated my firmware from version 05.0000 to 06.0000 and separately updated the Bluetooth firmware from version 3.22 to 3.32. Now my unit will no longer sync with the music on my iPhone (iOs 9.2.1) nor can I connect the music using the Bluetooth interface. In addition, when I connect the phone with the usb cable the phone displays the iPod logo, the music title displays along with the countdown timer, but I get no sound or album art. On the other hand, when I am on an active call the Bluetooth music connects and plays at normal volume levels without muting and when the call disconnects the music stops which is opposite of what it should be doing. Finally, when the unit boots up it reverts back to the last source that was played but when the unit pairs up with the phone it switches to Pandora and then AHA un-commanded. I spoke with tech support at both Pioneer and Here. They advised that this is a software issue but stated that I assumed this risk as part of the licensing agreement. Pioneer also stated that I can send them the unit and they can fix the problem for $230 with a 3 week turn around. Here says it's my problem as the product was been activated which is a requirement prior to install but is willing to replace the software. However, Pioneer advised that even if the first update was corrupted, the system won't re-flash the firmware as it sees this has already been updated and is not backwards compatible to the 2013 firmware version. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, what is the fix? Pioneer obviously can repair this, but what procedures do they follow? From a technical point, does this unit use a CMOS battery or EEPROM to retain the data? How do I revert back to the previous 2013 firmware where all functions worked properly? At this time I have not dis-assembled the unit as I don't have the schematics Are these available? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. FYI: I am an avionics tech so you can discuss in technical terms Gary
  9. Hi everybody! I'm currently having a lot of issues with my 9 months old Appradio 4 unit. Some days ago, I wasn't able to make my iPhone 9.2.1 work with the unit... It seemed that the unit was unable to detect the cellphone, so I was unable to run Carplay as usual. Following Pioneers instructions, I reseted the device, restored the iPhone, changed the cable, attached it directly to the usb1 port in the radio... but nothing happened. The funny part is that if you connect the iPhone to the usb and then turn on the contact in the car, it starts charging, but no Carplay nor detection as iPhone, so I asume it's not a hardware failure. I took the sph-da120 unit to service, and after 3 weeks (3 weeks!) they decided to change the mainboard... but everything stays the same. No Carplay, no iPhone in usb1, and no chance to upgrade the firm on the Appradio because European website has pulled down every file download for this device. If i flash the device to the american 1.11 firm, I assume I'd lose the warranty, so if it doesn't work as a solution to my issues... I could't do anything more. Is there anything you would do before returning the unit to tech service? I don't really want to stay another 3 weeks with a big hole in the car.. travelling in silence! Any idea will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, buddies! Salva
  10. Just finished my install this weekend of an AVIC-8000NEX into my 2011 Traverse XL with Rear Seat Entertainment and Bose Sound. I got everything working and LOVE this deck, but I'm having one very annoying issue. I have loaded videos on an SD card and I play them to the rear seat entertainment system. This works fantastic and is so much easier than dealing with DVD's, but as soon as I plug in my iPhone (USB-1, carplay), the movie stops playing the the SD option in the source menu turns grey. Interestingly enough, if I'm playing music from the SD card and do the exact same thing, the music keeps playing and the SD card remains as an option in the source menu. I find this very frustrating as my wife is driving two 5-year old's around and wants to play videos while doing so. Guess what? She'd also like to have her phone connected and be able to use the Carplay features that I bought this deck for in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  11. iPhone 6 Stopping Radio

    Hi All, I have an iPhone 6 plugged into my NEX-4000 and if I try to browse any app on the iPhone 6 while plugged in the deck stops all audio. Has anyone else seen this?
  12. I removed a 12-volt socket in my car and replaced it with a slick USB/ 3.5mm jack that looks close to factory. I plugged the iPod cord into the USB jack and completed the install. When I plug a USB stick into the jack, playback and lookup on the head unit work just fine. But when I plug in an iphone 4 using a factory 30-pin to USB cord, I can control everything on the phone like normal, but there is no volume. I tried this with two different iPhone 4 handsets and two different Apple brand cords. Same result. I turned the head unit volume up to 35, I made sure the iPhone volume was around 50%, but got no sound at all. Any ideas?
  13. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd say I get good 'ol mini keyboard 50% of the time I try to type a destination into Maps on my 4000NEX:
  14. Siri Volume

    I have a 5000 nex and have my IPhone 6 connected thought USB to use the CarPlay feature. I am have a problem hearing siri anytime its activated. I can only hear it in the front door speaker and its very low. Can anyone help me out and play siri on all speakers?
  15. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and when connecting to my x930BT via the Pioneer cable to lightning adapter I receive the following error message " USB flash drive was disconnected for device protection. Do not connect this USB flash drive to the unit. To restart USB, restart the unit." The interesting thing is that I had the same setup with my iPhone 5, Pioneer 30 pin cable to Apple lightning adapter and it worked flawlessly. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas? Really annoying that my head-unit may be a paperweight.
  16. I picked up a used iPhone 5 over the weekend to use for CarPlay in my AVH-4000NEX stereo. I leave it connected via USB cable to port 1 in the radio. Every time I start my car, The Pioneer start screen launches, then CarPlay takes over - I have to hit the ok button on the disclaimer, then NEX, then whatever is currently running on the right, in order to get to the NEX interface. This is pretty annoying... Is there a way to set the radio to NOT launch CarPlay every time I start my car?
  17. I upgraded my X930-BT to version 4 using the "super easy" method outlined here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade-updated-to-supereasymethod-beta/page-21&do=findComment&comment=259388 The upgrade went smoothly, although the system information screen does not look exactly like the one posted in the article, my unit only displays the version number. I have now noticed that after pairing my Iphone 6 device, the Received Calls icon on the phone screen is greyed out. Has anyone else seen this? As well, the unit and my phone don't seem to be syncing contact info - the dialed calls display only the phone number and not the contact names. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. I have an f900bt with 2.008 firmware, but when I connect my I Phone 4s running ios7 there is no audio. Every other function and menus work flawlessly, just no audio. Pleas help
  19. I am just curious. I had an AVIC 5000NEX which I could never get mirroring to work even with $150.00 in cables (VGA+Lightning adapter). Almost sure that it was software related. Now I have the 7000NEX with HDMI and mirroring works perfect. I am a little bit afraid that when Pioneer rolls out the Car Play firmware update they might screw the mirroring up because I spoke to a Pioneer representative and they indicated that they don't officially support mirroring, just their "wonderful and intuitive" AppRadio mode.
  20. I am running an 8000nex and an iPhone 5. I am experience sporadic BlueTooth connectivity issues, b/c it is auto pairing when I start the truck, but then in the middle of streaming music, my iPhone will stop streaming, and a warning message come up saying this accessory is not supported. I then have to go into settings and re-connect manually to my 8000nex BlueTooth. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have already reset network settings, and executed "forget this device" on my iPhone, as well as deleted my phone from my 8000nex BT devices. Any other solutions are welcome and please share!
  21. AVIC 5000NEX questions?

    Playing video with VGA adapter on my unit doesn't seem to be working. I have tried everything. I am able to get the useless AppRadio feature to work but then I press on Youtube/Netflix and/or any video on my phone it displays for a split second then it asks me to open the horrific AppRadio app. Any insights? I am going crazy with this. $150 in cable and I am only able to view the horrific AppRadio app? I have read of people using this adapter with other radios haven't had a problem. Maybe I have to reset the system or something? Any insights?
  22. Hello everyone. I have a new AVIC 5000NEX, while I love my new investment I can't seem to get some things right. The message " Incompatible USB " appears when I connect my Iphone 5 to the USB 1 or USB 2 port. I also have the VGA (RGB) cable to get the AppRadio experience. I am able to get AppRadio and the supported apps but I get that message when I click on the USB icon on the screen. Any insights?
  23. Check out the article below. Lots of info and question answered. http://appradioworld.com
  24. For some reason when i receive a phone call the call shows up for a second on my Nex screen and then the system just shuts off. I'm usually connected on Digital adapter mode with bluetooth on my iPhone 5s running Appradio. When my screen shuts off I'm forced to answer the call using my steering wheel and my phone shows me who is calling like it normally does. Any ideas why this is happening? I would rather just answer calls using the Nex screen like I'm suppose to.
  25. I recently got an iPhone 5 (not 5s) and switching from my old iPhone 4 should have been a breeze. However, when I try to pair the phone and my F900BT, it "hangs" while trying to connect. If I try to connect from the Phone, I am asked to provide a PIN. have tried several times. when I choose "111" as the radio suggests, it takes the proess a bit longer to fail, than if I choose a different PIN (e.g. "1234"). However with no success, no matter what If I try to search from the radio, my iPhone shows up, and the radio begins pairing, asking me to tyoe in "1111" when prompted on the iPhone.. My iPhone prompts me for a PIN (so I know that Bluetooth is working), but after a while, the radio gives up and fails. I have tried upgrading the newest firmware to my F900BT and my bluetooth firmware is HW100-SW290 (which I believe is the newest version for European radios? (I found an update to version HW100-SW330, but that only applies to Blackberrys?) My iPhoneis running the newest iOS 7.1.1 (I know that my new iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0, but that should be backwards compatible.) Has anyone had is problem and do you know of any solution? Best regards, Christian