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Complete 3.0 Install Guide

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Retell nor Avic411 Condones Piracy.

Please note this is not the official Retail Pioneer 3.0 Update! If you break your unit, Pioneer will NOT fix it for free! You can purchase the official 3.0 Update SD Card from Pioneer's website.


Step 1: Download 3.0 from the torrent. http://itchybot.com/x910bt.zip.torrent


Step 2: Download the install files.http://itchybot.com/3.0%20Install%20Files.zip


Step 3: Copy the 2 WinCEIMG files to an empty SD card.


Step 4: Turn unit on. When the pioneer logo comes up, press and hold the menu, map, eject and the reset button at the same time. When you hear a pop sound from your speakers, let go of the eject button but continue to hold menu and map buttons. This will bring you to a blue screen where you will have to enter the service combination. Press the volume knob in this sequence and you will see * signs for each push: Up, Up, Down, Menu, Left, Right.


Step 4: Put in your SD card with the WinCEIMG files.


Step 5: Select Update CE


Step 6: Select Update SD Format


Step 7: Wait till it says restart in the bottom center.


Step 8: Remove your SD from the AVIC, put it in your computer.


Step 9: Delete all of the files off the SD card and put the testmode folder, DATA file, and the flash dump from torrent on.


Step 10: Insert the SD card into the AVIC and hit the reset button.


Step 11: Once testmode boots, open explorer and copy the contents of the flash dump to the "My Flash Disk" Drive.

(Should take about 20min even though at first it says like 140min)

Step 12: Copy the Data file from the SD card and replace the one in "My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo" (Soft Bypass)


Step 13: Press and hold restart and eject for 5 seconds.


Step 14: Enjoy your new 3.0


I will add later how to update to the new 3.0.1

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perfect. I was wandering back and forth between different posts to figure this out. Wish others on the forum were as considerate as you to consolidate information like this and share it.

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on step 2, you have to let go of reset first, and then you will hear the pop. then release eject.


otherwise you only get 10 seconds in the service menu before it powers off.

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thank you for this. does it include the map updates?


p.s. i'm seeding at between 10 & 20mbit, depending on whether or not my laptop & desktop are on. (each has their own cable modem)

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When I get into the service menu, my screen will go black after 20 or so seconds. Even once I get to Update via SD (Format) and I click it, it will start reading the files and then the unit will just go black. This happens every time, even if I go into the service menu but don't click anything. When I reboot the unit (without trying to get into the service menu), the screen just stays black, nothing comes up. I have 2.006 installed on my F900.


Once I reboot the unit I can successfully get back into the service menu, but then it goes to black screen.

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