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[quote name="ohlarikd"]Ok - I stole your 'Navigation Loading' idea cause it looks cool! This is for my Dodge RAM 2500. I want to add the words RAM somewhere, but I haven't found a good bitmap yet for it...[/quote]

how about blurring the word RAM and put it behind everything... slightly subdued.. anyway, i thought the hack had problems with gradiants of gray? does that look ok on the HU ?
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As for grays working for this background, the opening graphic is a JPEG, not a PIM. So it looks correct. I should try to make it a PIM and see what happens... will post both in the other thread (testing PIM files)...

Amazing how much time I spent on this background that appears for 2 whole seconds.

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[quote name="Anonymous"]o5silverGT if you are still into making custom backgrounds,can you do anything with an F-250 Super Duty with the Powerstroke Diesel?[/quote]

Sure thing. I just moved across thew country.. but finally all settled in. I'll post up a couple ideas on here.
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