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Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

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I've had a 4400NEX installed for about 7 months.  Setup with the touchscreen bypass on firmware 1.01.  Able to watch DVD fine in motion.  Can anyone confirm whether or not the new firmware (1.02) will change that?  The new version claims to fix my steering wheel buttons in AA (which is my only real complaint), but I am hesitant to update...

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Hello everyone! Though I'm a long-time avid reader, I'm new to posting on the AVIC411 forums and I'm so impressed that this 5+ year-old thread is still alive and well, while it continues to be such a source of knowledge, comfort, and inspiration to so many, including myself.

First, I can confirm that this bypass is working perfectly on an 8200NEX (firmware 1.08) with Maestro RR and "proper" wire installation (parking brake wire from harness connected to parking brake wire from Maestro; not grounded). No warning signs about improper parking brake wire install at all. Both Carplay and Android Auto (henceforth "AA") working fine.

I recently switched to a W8500NEX, updated to latest firmware (1.03), still with Maestro RR, installed exactly the same way as the 8200NEX. Bypass is still working fine. However, I'm having an issue with AA being stuck on the warning screen about stopping your vehicle and/or applying parking brake (phone: Pixel 3 XL). I was wondering if anyone has found a way around this issue? Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that AA required the parking brake wire to be grounded, can anyone confirm this? I had it working fine on my 8200NEX without grounding, so I'm a bit skeptical with that solution. I'm also wary that people who chose to ground their parking brake wire have gotten the intermittent warning about improper wire installation. Does anyone have a W8500NEX (or even a W8400NEX) and have AA working (wired or wireless)? If so, do you recommend I ground my parking brake wire?

Thanks in advance for all your gracious time and insightful information.

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New here and soon to be owner of the AVIC-W8500NEX (well my wife will be at least).  I wanted to ask a quick question regarding the on-screen process vs. a mini-bypass device.  What are the pro's and con's of either or?  I'm tempted to go the device route since I already have one and for rest assurance.  Anyone have any opinions about this?

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