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We have finally cracked pioneer navigation software (iGO NextGen)


Hey guys, I am new to all of this and did not know this was an option for my GPS. I am looking to do this but just wanted to clarify I understand it properly before I brick my device doing it wrong.


I have a 5100nex on 1.01 FW currently. Before I do anything I must update to 1.05 from Pioneers website, correct? One I do this, I follow the first instructions in this post and I copy the crack files to my USB for 1.05 FW and then connect it to my device and follow the instructions to install it. Once this is on there I go to gpspower and find the maps I want (North america most up to date) and download and extract them to a flash drive. My biggest question is where do I go from here now, how do I actually move them over from the USB to the GPS unit? I'm assuming I also need a license from there ("All iGO Licenses"?) and need to move that over some where the same way as the maps? Once I have the maps and licenses on everything should be good when I try to use my GPS correct, and if I want to add RDS just follow the final steps?


Lastly, how would I add other voices, is it along the same lines as above and I need to figure out how to copy files to the device first and then there would be a voice folder I would have to move voices to? Also as far as adding the 8100 features to the 5100 like building views or whatever, how exactly do I do that part?


I'm sorry I am very new to this and this guide is very good but I feel like I missed a couple steps or pieces of information that everyone else is more up to date with to be able to finish this process and I would love updated maps. When I look at Pioneers website they don't even have 2016 maps on there for an option for purchase.


Update: So I followed the guide, got to 1.05 FW ran the crack, realize it doesn't look like there are even licenses for the 2016 maps yet, so I got 2015 Q3 files. Copied those to my flash drive, copied POI and building files over so far but nothing else. I am currently stuck not trying to move my licenses over. I get a message that existing ones will be overwritten and I try to continue and when I do that I get a message saying paste failed and I am unable to get anything over. I do not know if it is the overwriting part or what. Others have said they just copy every license file over and don't delete anything so I'm afraid to delete all of my licenses and then have an issue trying to put them back on. Has anyone else had this error before? Should I delete all licenses and then move mine over?


So I ended up finding the right script to move everything from usb to head unit and got it copied over properly I think I was trying too many licenses. I ran into an issue where I didn't realize the script erased the existing folder so my GPS would not boot, went into slack chat and whatiswhatis was able to help me find what the issue was and fix it.

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Do you have a link or guide to switching completely to a new version? I have no complaints or real issues with this version after getting some extra features and updated maps on but voice control would be nice but I wouldn't know where to begin with that.


One other thing is how do I know if traffic info is working or do I need a phone with the app installed or something to make that work?

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I looked over the threads however I dont see this anywhere. I am looking for the full dump of the entire filesystem from any NEX unit. I don't have a nex unit at the moment to actually perform the steps myself. Can anyone share if they have this? I have searched quite a bit for this without luck.



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