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[FIX] SDCard Failed? Software Error on your w4500nex? Look here!

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Hi All,

Anyone know if Z9250 is the same as W4500NEX? I tried changing the panel touch type to resistence, it does boot but the touchscreen aint working

not sure where else to look at. Just want to confirm before i burn more SDcard away. =(

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Help with decision, please.

I have the AVH-w4500NEX and had the SD card issue....Downloaded the AVIC4500only and added it to an SD card....put it in my 4500. It started up and seemingly worked. It works but not everything works. It is missing the following things....Doesn't show or have the setting for the parking guide lines in the reverse camera. Only connects to Android Auto via cable (wireless android auto not working) seems possibly it is not connecting on the wifi part? Also the Eject mode is locked...in-other-words; I can't eject the screen. "Eject lock mode" is what's activated in dealerships for the display so no one steals the screen from the unit or CD in the display. When I hit eject, the screen tilt on screen buttons are greyed out and the screen eject, CD and memory card buttons are highlighted and they beep when I press them, but nothing happens. I know it's not the motor because when I manually removed the screen and screen mechanism while the power is off, them put the screen back on the moving screen tray, then power it on....the screen goes back in place.

Everything else seems to work? (Not for sure, though) steering wheel controls work. I tried redownloading and using a different SD card and had the same problem. Forgot to mention, I used the procedures for turning off the "eject lock mode" for the 4400NEX and it made no difference whether the mode was on or off, unless I did something wrong. The procedure is: from powered off, hold eject and Home (center 4 square) buttons simultaneously while turning the car ignition to the ACC position. If the buttons flash yellow, then the eject lock mode is on. If the buttons flash green, then eject lock mode is off. This flashing of yellow or green happens before the units boots up. Tried both ways, and same result. Can't eject screen by the eject button or tilt screen for CD, memory card.

So it looks like my options are to buy the preloaded memory card on ebay. (Selling for $35.00USD) right now....

Or send it in to Pioneer and have them diagnose the unit for $80USD plus shipping it to them, then hope for the best on a repair. The diagnostic fee will go towards the repair if I have it repaired.

Or remove it from my truck, then drop it from a high building and buy something new...

Unless someone has a better suggestion...

Thank You in advance!

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