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  1. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Digging it. This is what App Radio shouldve been. USB cable only. works great. Love it. My only concern is when I have something mirrored to the back to tv for the kids, it automatcally turns it off
  2. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    http://bgr.com/2014/09/23/apple-carplay-release-date-delay/ this article says 2015.
  3. 4G data in Truck

    if you want a wifi hot spot then the KENWOOD excelon has a port for your usb HOTSPOT. But then you wont be part the AVIC community
  4. you cant mirror netflix or youtube to the rear via hdmi setup. Its not possible. The REAR ENTERTAINMENT only lets you mirror the head unit dvd, sd. you can use USB, SD, or DVD for the rear. You have to remember your Rear dvd player is setup using the AV cables which is RED YELLOW WHITE. The digital signal will not allow it to mirror. Unless your REAR tv has a hdmi input then its a different story. But the nex will not allow you to mirror from HDMI
  5. Front/sode Camera!

  6. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    summer is almost over. Whats the hold up?? GEEZ
  7. How to mute the car phone on a 4000NEX

    when you press the volume buttons on the screen to the left will show a mute button
  8. do you mean the street name your driving on or street names around the map??
  9. 8000NEX Installation

    if your going to do it yourself make sure you get the proper wiring harness for it. Your vehicle might have the premium system, if it does then you will need the wire harness that powers up the amp in your car. If you ordered a harness for a standard non premium system vehicle, you might get no sound.
  10. Edit Saved Location Question

    second this^
  11. What cable needed for Carplay?

    make sure its an OEM APPLE CABLE. All those knock offs wont work with the units
  12. Phone mirroring on 8000NEX - wirelessly?

    it will probably work with streaming videos. It works just like carplay and it should run on wifi. OH WAIT never mind, You will need a hot spot for both devices to be hooked up
  13. Music files in folders?

    when you select the usb for music when you go to the 4 bars to change a song there will be 2 boxes on the left. it will say TAG and FILE.
  14. Why Pioneer??

    im about to order this. see if it works. lol update: Just ordered will post pics when installed.
  15. No sound in reverse

    I dont think it makes a sound when it goes in reverse. Mines just goes right into the reverse mode with chime or anything but i can hear the audio of the source in the background.
  16. do you have the apple av adapter??
  17. 8000 NEX User Manual?

    someone scanned it in the forum and posted installation and owners manual
  18. Too Stoopid Four 8000NEX?

    Also in order to use APPRADIO your iphone needs to be hooked up to USB1. I see you have usb2 hooked up. if your iphone is hooked to usb2, you are using your phone as a media drive.
  19. Ipod track organization not alphabeticalized

    Go to Music settings on the Iphone and turn on the "GROUP BY ALBUM ARTIST"
  20. Did something utterly foolish....

    i have a antiglare screen protector from an Ipad. I cut down to size and just use a microfiber cloth
  21. Pioneer Ted talking at the CE Week

    He does. He's a great story teller. LOL THATS PIONEER TED guys.
  22. Anybody have a Hyundai Splash Screen?

    bump MYKE2241
  23. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    In your organization, please provide the names and titles of up to 5 people who are directly responsible for the company’s performance in the chosen category. Ted Cardenas, Vice President, Marketing, 16 years AKA PIONEER TED Diana Leano, Asst Brand Manager, 6 years Paul Chongkolnun, Brand Marketing Specialist, 6 years Cyrus Lutero, Brand Marketing Specialist, 4 years Siyeen Nguon, Brand Marketing Specialist, 7 years And Hes the one who you see on the youtube videos at the Consumer Shows introducing the units. Plus hes also doing videos of the CARPLAY in the drive around DEMO
  24. Tips, etc. install 8000NEX in 1.5 DIN location

    Get your filler and start shaping. As for the brackets you will need to fabricate a bracket that bolts on the existing 1.5 radio bolt locations.
  25. AppRadio Live

    I love this layout. Pretty exciting. But I hate the NAV portion.