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  1. Borré por error el uboot que tenía instalado mi f900bt, alguien podría decirme donde descargarlo?. He usado uno que encontré y en modo test me funciona todo bien, copio la unidad flash por la versión que antes me funcionaba, me pregunta el idioma, se reinicia y se queda con la pantalla en negro y no enciende. Gracias.
  2. Hello together, do somebody have an actual map & update for the F900BT. (My latest was before from 2011) I'Ve done a bad mistake and try to overwrtite mapsfiles from 2019 Update. Now nothing more have function, the system permanently reboots. So due to this i need support, or help how to fix.
  3. Hello together, I'Ve done a bad mistake and try to overwrtite mapsfiles from 2019 Update. Now nothing more have function, the system permanently reboots. So due to this i need support, or help how to fix. Maybe someone have an image?
  4. Hi, is it possible to change the skin of the MP3 Player (AV Player) on a F900BT? And if, How?
  5. Dear all, My mother in law owns a F900BT with which she never had any issues till recently. All of a sudden the GPS position is a few hundred meters of. With her car parked in front of her house, the AVIC believes she is @ different location Navigating still works, but is without any use if the AVIC does not know the correct location So I guess the GPS must be recalibrated. Found service manual suggesting GGV1322 Service Test Disk and GPS receiver test **** 1. Copy a "TestMode" folder under “TestMode” folder on GGV1322 to a SD card. Note: "TestMode" folder must b
  6. so the head unit is in different language and the system settings or functions are not lite up for me to choose. Any guidance would be great.
  7. Hello everyone, i’m new here. I have an avic f900bt and i want to install 2017 maps on it. Is it possible for this type of avic?
  8. Hi everyone, I have an F900bt unit, i tried to upgrade it through pioneer official support web, so i downloaded the v4.001000 with cnsd-200 and i ran it in the avic without checking the current version before, an error ocurred at the end of the load and since then, the unit reboots at 4 minutes, the message "iniatializing...." doesnt disappear and im not allowed to enter settings or maps, just av section, which seems to work before systems reboot at 4 minutes. ive been reading and trying some things, but not being an expert i dont want to screw up again. Could someone help sho
  9. kaladoo

    Avic F900BT

    Hello, im new here, was reading the forum, saw some old threads etc, and i have a question, well i got a F900BT unit, i updated to 2.08 the version on the pioneer website, my question is if there is any newer update i should use, i ordered a GPS device from ebay to my unit, if there are any updated MAPs for EU, i have this problem on my unit that when i turn on the radio and if the USB is conected, it wont automaticaly play the songs on the USB untill i unplug and plug again the USB,is this normal? So Basicaly what im asking is if there is any new firmware to install(better one) and updated m
  10. Hello, everyone. I have an Avic f900bt and it's been 3 years since I have had a properly working unit. I have tried so many different techniques throughout the years including going into test mode and downloading the hybrid 4.01 files, but I kept receiving a errors. I have also tried deleting the gps.para files and doing a reboot, but it still did not work. I have had this problem for 3 years and I just cant take it anymore! I know some other users have had this issue before, but most of the files on here were either old and/or deleted. Also, when the unit reboots, the "system startup in progr
  11. Hi there! I reccently bought a new car with the F900BT installed, although not working correctly I was directed to http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/34671-a-fix-for-euro-f900bt-that-hangs-on-splash-screen-with-all-euro-files-needed/ within these forums, however the links to the files required are now dead and buried. Does anyone have the available files? the specific ones we need are: - The EURO SDLMC FILES - EURO AVIC BACKUP FILES - Test mode files I'll forever be in your debt if anyone can help me out! driving around in a new car with no music is hell! contact me via thi
  12. I'm just wondering if the F900BT can play a sound during start up somewhere near when the splash screen appears? how do I do that? thanks.
  13. Hy everybody. Starting from the beginning. Somebody accidentaly deleted some files from the f900bt. I read a lot of info here , and tried to "repair" it. First time i managed to format it with the 2 wince files , entered in testmode, and finaly in wince. til here everything went ok. Tried to do the operation below... when i selected sdmlc file , instead of selecting .IMG file , i selected .DLL , and i pushed update.. he did some things ..... , after reset comes a blue screensaver and shutdown. it does nothing. Since than i cannot go in wince. PS. before the wrong RW i coul
  14. I've searched on this forum for a couple weeks and most links to downloads aren't active anymore. Trying to find correct downloads to fix this reboot loop on my unit that started about 3 weeks ago. I've had unit about 3 years and it's worked perfectly. Tried to download update from pioneer site but it didn't fix issue. I've never dealt with torrents before and i'm not exactly sure on how to go about it or if there are any current downloads around for this complete fix. Most topics and replies about this issue were posted years ago. If anyone can point me in the right direct
  15. Hi there, I have a AVIC-F900BT which was installed prior to the purchase of my car a few years ago. Everything to do with the Avic has been by-the-book according to Pioneer Australia (never had a prob, was running latest "au" version which was like 2.3 or something maybe? I can't remember, Pioneer are pretty lax with the AU support/releases), and never knew i could hack/mod/tweak or do anything with the deivce - frankly wasn't too fussed as I only used it as an entertainment device, not a GPS unit. Anyway recently the reboot issue started (which i've discovered since stumbling on this
  16. i have an f900bt, maps was updated but its not working bluetooth and iPod..i wanted to know if anybody knows how to fix that problem.
  17. I recently got an iPhone 5 (not 5s) and switching from my old iPhone 4 should have been a breeze. However, when I try to pair the phone and my F900BT, it "hangs" while trying to connect. If I try to connect from the Phone, I am asked to provide a PIN. have tried several times. when I choose "111" as the radio suggests, it takes the proess a bit longer to fail, than if I choose a different PIN (e.g. "1234"). However with no success, no matter what If I try to search from the radio, my iPhone shows up, and the radio begins pairing, asking me to tyoe in "1111" when prompted on the iPhone
  18. I have an f900bt with 2.008 firmware, but when I connect my I Phone 4s running ios7 there is no audio. Every other function and menus work flawlessly, just no audio. Pleas help
  19. Hi i have a Pioneer F900BT and i want the dutch voice for my navigation , who has the dutch voice for 4.001? Thanks for in advance ! (P.S. I have a backup if you want but im not that much online and the voice i need you can look at : APL2/iGo/Content/Voice)
  20. Hi, everyone and happy new year!!!! I have a problem, I tried to update my F900BT from version 01.000600 and map 2.009000. I've a Kingston 4 gb SD to trying an update with oficial update, but unit cannot start. I tried firtst with this file AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_VER_2009000.zip, error. After tried with this AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_CNSD100FM_VER_3021000.zip the same result Tried the hybrid 4.0001 firmware, copy all the content to my flash disk, reboot and aonly appear the piooner image. Another problem, the unit my_flash_disk is 1.8GB, but when i try to copy the 2013 maps is
  21. New here have read and read and read tried to install 4.01 on my f900bt and when it starts no logo no functions no nothing need help
  22. Hi All Has anyone tried to update their F900BT with the latest official firmware/map update CNSD-400FM? Particularly updating a unit that has the original/very first firmware. Has it gone smoothly with no problems? Thanks
  23. Hi All First post, but have looked at the forums for ages, some great help. I have an F900BT with the original firmware and maps, that came with my car. Great unit, but I needed the latest maps because it regularly shows me as driving through fields! I bought the latest firmware from Pioneer and got the password from the website, etc, and tried to install. It tried 3 times only getting to 3% each time then stopping at "contact Pioneer". That's bad enough but the AVIC won't get past the splash screen now so is useless! Please can anyone help? I have a lot of PC experience bu
  24. Ok guys it's been a few years since I've been on here just barely got a car that has the avic f900bt in it back up and running and wanting to update to the most recent firmware, on pioneer's site they are only showing a ver of 2 still, I see an install guide for 3.0 and then mods for 4.0 but can't find a thread with the links for 4.0 so I was wondering if a 4.0 install guide can be stickies so for those of us looking to come back and get the most up to date version don't have to spend a couple hours sorting through years worth of threads. I'm hoping a mod or vet of the forum can post a link to
  25. Hi Everybody, I recently got a car with the F900 no Maps version in It and its slow and out of date. Is thee any way that i Can update the firmware to 3.0 and get some recent 2012/13 Maps Euro on It. I saw that theRe Were Instructions on this site But It was a bit confusing because i dont know anything about an avic and non of the links are working. If somebody could help me that Would be great!
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