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Found 15 results

  1. Okay two years and another release for all these machines. Last time i bought the software and spread the wealth this time i need help as my situation has changed . I firstly need to buy the software with the highest donator getting the original pack and the unused key, Everybody else will get the software for free every Euro , Dollar or pound will help my payal me address is paypal.me/salsatnav I will keep you in the loop with daily updates till we reach £125 then i will post it here for FREE have a feeling Rons Shortfuse hack will do it again Lets all help each other
  2. Hello Everyone, I just installed an AVIC-F930BT on my Mitsubishi. The firmware on the head unit is 3.0, but the maps seems to be really old. I guess they are 2013/14 maps. I am looking to update them to the latest Australia maps, preferably 2017/2018 if available. Anyone has any idea where I can find them? I don't even know which maps are currently installed on the unit, but I guess they must be IGO maps. I contacted Pioneer Australia and they said the last released maps they have for the F930BT are the 2015 ones. So need some help here. I am a total newbie to this system, so any and all
  3. Gossy

    F930bt test mode

    Hi all new to the site, i recently bought a van with a f930bt headunit in, the unit asks me for a password which the garage i got it from doesnt have and have tried contacting the previous owner for and any help would be much appreiated, cheers
  4. Hello all, I have access to the CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update and have the CARDINFO.cif and VERINFO.DAT files for us EU users!! I have now added a download for the CNSD-310FM US 2012 Pioneer Update too. Just PM me and ill send you the link for a donation of £10 and ill invite you to download the update. This will also give you access to the TSData backup for those who lost them when updating and the CNSD-310FM US 2012 Pioneer Update too. I have the following languages available: CZC, DUN, ENG, FIF, FRF, GED, GRG, HUH, ITI, PLP, ROR, SPE, TRT The link for the full update and f
  5. Hello, Fellows! Recently I bought a new car with a Pioneer avicF930bt system. Unfortunately there was a password after doing a firmeware update for the radio. :/ So lukily Condi's HackMode v2.21 worked perfectly fine and i could remove the password! So i thought... okay time for the removal using this uninstaller by gweny: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36854-undo-condis-hack-mode/page-2&do=findComment&comment=330314 But now i have the same problem as hlekinfr. I have a loading screen but nothing else... I cannot install Condi's HackMode v2.21 again or load the un
  6. Misschien kan iemand mij helpen . Heb een F930BT (met laatste update ) daar een achteruit rijcamera op aangesloten . Achter ook via de achteruitrijlichten geschakeld . Hij werkte maar 1x zonder hem in zijn achteruit te zetten , daarna niet meer aan te krijgen . Toen Aan de voorkant ook een verbinding gemaakt met achteruitrijverlichting maar nog steeds het zelfde resutaat . 1x spontaan werken daarna niet meer . Heb niet de originele camera maar via Navaudio besteld . https://www.navaudio.nl/merkgebonden-autoradio-s-/honda/achteruitrijcamera-/honda-crv-jazz-achteruitrij-camera--826 Missc
  7. Hello, I'm trying to install custom POIs on my AVIC-F930BT... I found POIs in <*.kml> format. I have following questions: 1) With NavGate Feeds, I could export them on a SD-card. But original <*.kml> file is split into several files (size 66K). Is it a way to avoid this automatic splitting ? I will try to merge them into a single file, and see if it works. 2) NavGate Feeds creates the following files structure on the SD-cards (exported POI name: POI): NDB CUSTOMPOI POI.kml POI(2).kml POI(3).kml CustomPOI.symb VersionManage AUTHENT
  8. Hi folks, Newbie - First post here I'm in the UK and drive a SEAT Exeo, basically an Audi A4 B7 with a different grille and have a problem with my head unit: If I'm listening to either the radio, cd or an sd card and my phone rings - The stereo no longer mutes to answer the call, but it does mute if I'm streaming music from my phone via bluetooth. Basically, I have to turn down the volume and take the call, not ideal if you don't notice on the stereo display that someone is trying to call me! If I manually dial a call from my phone or keypad on the screen I have the same problem, b
  9. Moved to correct forum - Sorry!
  10. Hi, I bought a used car with a F9310BT which seems to be the Volkswagen version of the F930BT. I want to do a complete backup and was looking for a way to get into testmode/ service mode (is this the same?) I downloaded "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and was able to get into service mode and I can select files and folders, but I don't have a "COPY" button, see image: Any idea why? Thanks for any hints, Oliver
  11. Hi all, I've updated my F930BT to the new 2012 maps, and like many of us I've lost my French TTS functions. Unfortunately, I haven't done backups of these files before the update (shame on me!) and I'm unable to find them on Internet even with heavy Google search. And my F930 DVD is completely useless, unless I want to progress in Dutch of Czech... Has anyone made backup of French TTS 'Virginie" files, and share them here? Thanks for your valuable help! Bertrand
  12. Hello, I purchased the new update for my avic f930bt now with app mode but cant get it to work. Now i'm reading that i need a HDMI or MHL cable? but the most android telephones only have a micro usb port Does someone know what i need to get it to work?
  13. If I purchase the AVIC-F930BT from the UK is it possible somehow to load Australian maps onto it? I've read several of the forums on this site and have made an assumption that it would be possible but I would really like someone to confirm that this is possible before I go ahead and purchase one. I've read this particular forum about people changing maps to countries other then the original maps, if someone could give me a step-by-step or point me in the direction of one it would be greatly appreciated. I do realize that this question may have been asked already and if so I do apol
  14. Dear valuable members I own a 2007 Jeep Commander, with REJ factory navigation unit and Boston Accoustics amp. Wanted to replace the factory Chrysler/Jeep REJ navigation unit with an AVIC F930BT (alongside CA-R-CG.001 steering wheel control interface), but I have an issue. CA-R-CG.001 correctly powers on the amp, and the sound looks just incredible and powerfull for all sources (iPod, CD, FM...) But it sounds there is a problem regarding the amp/AVIC communication. The amp has no front/rear entries, just left/right. Front/rear fading is done though CAN by the factory navigation un
  15. Hi all - new to the forum so please bear with me...! I used to have an F910bt until it was stolen and have now upgraded to the F930bt. Problem is that I hate it!! The mapping is not very good, the menus have a rubbish 'touch-scroll' feature, not up and down arrows!! The only good thing is that it is slightly faster and has some more features - none of which I use. I wanted to ask if there is any way that I can have the f910bt software/firmware on the new unit?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!
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