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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I am stuck on a SPH-DA01, When I bought it I was using an iphone 4 and now I have an iphone 5, I just, only, want to listen some music on it. =/ I have an iphone 4 too, but I don't want to pay for two data plans (on both smartphones). And spotify did't work well there (i am running iOS 4.3.3, the fastest for music library). Which are my options? I heard about bluetooth converters, but never tried. I heard about an usb interface that I don't recognise on the device. I download an "App Radio+" software which I did not installed yet, because I don't if it will solve my problem. Any help? Thanks in advance,
  2. Hello- Attempting to connect iphone 5 via VGA and/or USB. 1)using the standard lightning cable to USB I can see Pandora music on screen however I can not hear. 2)using the standard lightning cable allowing app radio repeats standard safety warning. 3)using the VGA adapter with lightning to VGA there is no output. There is a little blue line on top of my iphone screen that goes away after a moment. Updates have been performed. Ucom 08.05 platform 5.0 application version 5.100 version 05.0000 bluetooth version 3.32 mecha version Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I have been a looooonngggg time reader of the nearly 200 page thread about AppRadio and I recently "made the plunge" into the AppRadio scene. I have installed the system but now need your help to get what I believe to be the "perfect setup." My setup: iPhone 5 on ios 6.1.4 Appradio app v1.8.2 (Found cracked version on the forum- I think I really need v2.5 as I have heard/read this is the most stable version for my setup [no black screen upon unsupported app exit etc.] Appradio Extensions 2.0.1-450 from Cydia Repo (Possibly a specific "beta" would be better for my setup?) Appradio 3 Now for my questions: Do you all know if Appradio App v1.8.2 is compatible with ios 6? I would really like to have a cracked version of Appradio App v2.5 but can't find one anywhere on the web... Do you all know anyone on the forum that has v2.5 and is competent enough to crack that version? I could do it myself but the person that downloaded it is the only person that can crack it (because of it being linked to a specific itunes account before cracking...)... Also, if you have version 2.5, I am willing to help you "crack" it, however, we determine it to be done (instructions over the phone etc.) I hope you all can help!! Thank you again. -Weston
  4. Have not been able to find any info on this. I have a x940bt and its been running with an iphone 4s for awhile, I bought the CD-IV202NAVI and the Apple Lightning to VGA adapter so I could use it with my iPhone 5 on ios 7.0.4JB. I updated the firmware to 4.6 from pioneers website and installed the kit. I set it up and it would not connect to the iphone through the Lightning to VGA adapter but if I removed it and just plugged the lighnitng to USB cable in, iPOD would show up but not with the lightning to VGA adapter. Of course I didnt have video so I spent hours trying to figure what I was doing wrong.... I took the iPhone and Lightning to VGA adapter to my computer and plugged it in to see if iTunes would see it and guess what... It didnt. I contacted apple, after going through 3 techs that thought I was trying to sync it trough the VGA connection.... they told me the Lightning to VGA adapter does not support sync'ing so this would explain why the x940bt wouldnt see it... If this is the truth, how does it work for anybody else? Why would pioneer release it? Obviosuly it's not true, at least it wasn't. Is apple making new cables that don't work? Did ios 7 break it? Do you guys run ios7 with iphone 5 on your x940bt? Thanks for the help.
  5. I just finished updating my avid z140bh firmware to 4.6. The vga adapter (apple) is connected to both the vga cable and the lightning/usb cable. My iPhone 5 is connected via lightning connector to the vga adapter. When I try to view videos or use app radio apps like waze and carbrowser app the appradio screen on the z140bh is black but I can hear audio via car speakers. Bluetooth is working fine as well. The setting on the z10bh are as follows. App connection: iPhone, iPod connection settings: vga Can someone help me get video and appradio apps to display correctly?
  6. After running through the syncing process, I'm unable to play Pandaro nor the iPod using the bluetooth feature located on the Z140BH. I'am able to make a phone call so I know it's synced. When I click on the bluetooth icon on the Z140BH it shows playing but no sound. I try to connect under the connect feature and it says "Unable to Connect" I'm using iPhone 5 OS 7.0.4. Pioneer V4.6. I've contacted Pioneer and the rep stated "They have no known issues". *** Does anyone have any suggestions???? ***
  7. Hello all, I purchased two of the white cables that some people posted on AppRadioWorld on the home page for my iPhone 5s, neither of them worked, BUT they did however work with my wives iPhone 5. So I went looking again and found this one on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281124310483?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 This one works like a charm AND its black! So for those looking for a black cable that works with the iPhone 5S this was a great deal.
  8. Hello All. Great forum and tons of good information! Somethings I haven't been able to find relating to the dual zone (rear zone) video output and video formats on the Z150BH: - Is there a way to have the Netflix or Slingplayer app on your iPhone 5 broadcast to the rear zone video output? I can launch those apps and watch video on the Z150BH screen but I can't figure out how to get it to show on the rear monitors. The DVD outputs fine. - What are the exact specs on video requirements for SD card? I checked the manual (400 x 240 pixels, 2.5 Mbps, 30 fps etc...) and tried creating movie files using handbrake and Ultimate Video Converter. I always get errors that it can't play. Is there a certain file folder structure on the SD card I need to use? Naming conventions? Please Help! Thanks!
  9. Just a quick video showing iOS7 with iPhone 5 working with my appradio 3
  10. iOS7 & AVH-X8500BHS

    Updated to iOS7 yesterday and it broke bluetooth audio. Now i'm unable to control music from the headunit, if i want to skip to the next song I have to do it from the phone. Has anyone else ran into this or other problems when switching ti iOS7?
  11. Just had a z150 installed in my silverado and am having a few issues with it. my installer used the CD-IU201N cable for the ipod/iphone adapter. I have an iphone 5 so i just put a 30-pin to lightning cable adapter at the end of it in order to use it. This setup worked fine with my z140, but when i plug my iphone into the cable with the z150 the unit doesn't even recognize that anything is attached. my phone begins to charge, but nothing pops up on the screen. If there is a way to make this work I would love to not need to go spend $100 bucks on new cables to make the iphone 5 work. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and been able to resolve it. I have an iPhone 5 and Pioneer X950BH, installed in May of this year, and everything was working fine up to about a month ago. Now, the "rewind" and "fast-forward" buttons on the left strip are disabled, as well as the "play" and "pause" buttons on the screen itself, when I use the iPhone 5 as an iPod, either directly connected or via bluetooth. I went back to the installer, thinking it was a X950BH issue, but we were able to determine the issue is actually with the iPhone, because he used his iPhone and it worked just fine. He suggested that I reset my iPhone to factory, and start from scratch. Short of that drastic move (which who knows if it would work anyway), I am wondering if I can find a solution here. Yes, I have forgotten the device on iPhone's blue tooth and reinstalled i that way, but as I said, its really not a bluetooth problem. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance if you have a solution.
  13. CD-IH202 Cable Mess

    I'm thinking of pulling the trigger and buying an Avic Z150BH for my new Toyota (I loathe the built in navigation), and I'd like to use App Mode and connect up my XM since cell reception can be spotty by me so streaming off my phone isn't 100% reliable. With that said.. I'm a little concerned about the cable mess, it looks like the CD-IH202 kit is a lightning cable that hangs out 4 inches or so with an HDMI and another lightning cable coming out of it.. so three wires and some molding hanging right off the phone.. ugly!! Has anyone figured out a way to hide all of that garbage behind the dash and somehow extend the lightning cable off the harness? I tried looking for a lightning cable extension cord but couldn't find anything. Also, I noticed off of a Youtube video that the CD-IH202 isn't even needed as the HU comes with the USB cable, and I already have a bunch of HDMI cables lying around.. so all really need is the Lightning to Digital adapter supposedly.. Has anyone verified this for themselves? (Obviously this is connecting to an iPhone 5) -Keith
  14. So this problem started on podcast number 917 and has continued on every odd numbered podcast that I have listened to through 933. What happens is that it will begin to play for about 2-3 seconds, the meta data will not show up on the screen and the Z130BT with firmware upgrade to Z140BT will freeze. Nothing will work, not physical buttons, screen, or steering wheel controls. Disconnecting the iPhone will restore the functionality. Then I must manually delete that podcast from my iPhone 5 so the Z130 can't find that podcast and will either play the next one, or pick its favorite song from Van Halen. I have yet to experiment with changing the number to even - I doubt that works, or downloading the podcast from a separate source than iCrapTunes and trying bluetooth. Specs: Z130BT ---> Z140BT iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 Pioneer stock cable Apple Lightning to 30 Pin cable adapter
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVb85B38QRA I just got my bypass installed and some kinks worked out. Everything seems to work really well with App Extensions and Appradio 3. I haven't seen many videos mirroring the iPhone 5 with the 3 so I thought I'd post it.
  16. Hi guys, I installed my new AVH-X8500BHS and connected my iPhone 5 using all required cables and adaptors. I go to AppRadio Mode, and CarMediaPlayer and select any option (Artist, Album, etc). In there I notice that the "Back" button is missing from the top left corner. Actually, if I press that corner I go to the previous screen, just the icon is not there. The problem is worse when watching a Video, because, I can't find anyway to see the buttons (Play/Pause, Now Playing, Back) and scroll line. Once again, they are there, because I press the bottom left corner and the movie is paused. Any idea what might be happening. Thanks for your help. Freddy
  17. New here from the Northern Virginia/ D. C. area and thought I'd post my install:
  18. Hello all, sorry for the noob question but ive been looking for this everywhere and cant seem to find a good answer. I have the Appradio 2 and the 8.30 update. I am using it primarily for my iphone 5 connected with the CD-IH202, hdmi, AV and lightning cables as instructed. My question is, can i still use my old 30 pin devices(iphone 4, ipod touch, etc) using only the 30 pin usb cable connected thru the CD-IH202? Or do I need to use the 30 pin AV that i have lying around and connect with hdmi? I want to use my 30 pin devices with the CD-IH202 already installed, or do i need to pull apart the radio and connect the original 30 pin cable that came with the appradio?
  19. i have the Z140bh and i also have a iphone 5. i cannot get the iphone 5 to connect through bluetooth. i have tried over and over. also iphone is on iOS 6.1 any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  20. The appradio 2 firmware update to enable iphone 5 appmode is available now. It does what it says, I guess. Its lets you use the approved apps. But, it also gets rid of the ipod feature, and pretty much forces you to use "car media player". IMHO is not a very good alternative. My biggest gripe is you cant skip to the next video, which sucks. As i thought, you can use the iphone cable that came with the appradio. All you have to do is plug you lightning cable into the usb where you do the update. You still have to have the lightning to hdmi adapter. But this does save you 60 bucks. This is my first post, and I hope it helps save some of you some money. Oh and appradio extensions from cydia does not work. To be expected though, I'm sure hes working on it. Link to firmware update http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/UnAssigned-Content/Firmware%20Updates/AppRadio%202%20Firmware%20Update%20v8.30
  21. Hello, I'm a new french user of appradio (DA100 - firmware 8.17) and i want hack this one. But after many researchs on this forum, i don't understand what it takes for that. Help me please !!
  22. works album Art

    From the album Z130BT and iPhone5

    It works
  23. Hey guys, Has anyone thought about what's gonna happen when the new iPhone with smaller 9 pin doc connector is released? I'm really hoping that Apple or Pioneer has an usable adapter waiting in the wings or the AppRadio and AppRadio 2 will be basically useless to everyone that upgrades their phones.