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F-Series 3.0 update coming? Wondering what's in it...

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Post updated with images (F310 or U310 is originally downloaded from pioneer EU; the other two are made by cut and paste but sure will be quite the same)!!

Looks like it can't be too far out: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... n=overview

On the link below it is shown the follow image:


- Center: X910BT/F910BT ?? (almost -if not the same- HW than F900BT but (see menu and map buttons like F-series) with new firmware and maps


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So what does this mean? The new US model that's supposedly coming is probably AVIC-X910BT?


Probably. Also interesting to note that the Navi and AV boards are not shared with the F90/F900BT, so there may also be some improvements to the design instead of just a difference in firmware.

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I really hoping that they did a full tear down and rebuild from scratch on the F series FW to make it like the new series. It seems that the hardware is decent enough to do what we need it to. I mean, I played around with leetlauncher and response was overall pretty quick and startup time was very quick. It's just Pioneer's first foray into the world of coding for a WinCE device and the lack of experience that caused such sloppily written code. They have to have learned their lesson by now and realized that they can't expect to stay competitive in the niche market of aftermarket Nav units with bugs like the F series has had/still has.


I'm hoping for a full tear down and rebuild of the code along with new Igo so I won't be tempted to buy a new unit. That way I can invest more money into better speakers/sub/amps for the car. Though, that new knob is awfully appealing! Must... resist... lol, j/k. Hardware wise, I'm betting things will stay the same. God knows they have a ton of the motherboards sitting unused in a warehouse. It would be much cheaper and in the best interest of Pioneer to rewrite the Avic software the RIGHT way, refresh the model numbers/faceplates to shed the negative stigma of the F series, and then put out a new FW for the F series people since they sure as hell deserve it.

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TMC traffic logo is stamped on the F series unit in the pic. I wonder if they are going to get rid of MSN direct.


I would guess that's only because those pictures are from the European lineup. The MSN service is much more established in the U.S.

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