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2015 European Map Update for Pioneer AVIC-F30BT, F930BT, F9310BT, F40BT, F940BT, F840BT, F8430BT

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Hi all,


I'm back!!! Sorry I was over 15 Months on the way and had not time. I have already tried all the descriptions to update my F20BT but it always fails, as usual a new SD Card fully formated copied the whole files Firmwar, Update (With Verinfo.DAT) the modified CARDINF.CIF not success. I have also modified the .ddl file with no success.



I have downloaded the files were offered in the first mail with the patched .DAT and modified .CIF


After update I got "An error has occured and the update has failed" I can then repeat the update and it won't go out of this loop. 

I have also tried to go back to 2013 and at the end after 99% I get the same error. Any suggestion?


Thanks in Advanced for any help

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After a lot of testing and trying I have the 2013 working again. I will test the 2015 again and let you know.


For other who has the issue with " Wrong SD Card or insert SD Card"..... Please boot into test mode and go to the option to write the firmware (Before you have to copy the folder from the 2015 firmware, update/user/ copy the PRG folder and rename it to ((AVICZ110)) put it to the root of sd and copy the testkey to the root, then choose from SD and rewrite all positions then reset the user settings. 


Reboot and it will say no available application program. Boot again to test mode and write the firmware without resetting the settings, do a .dll replacement from Pionara and insert the 2013 update SD Card, then reboot, it will update back to 2013.


This is the solution to all ppl who has the error with no application program.



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I updated a F9310BT from 3.0 to this 6.0.


Hey, I am new here.

I have also 9310 with 3.0 version (old). Can You confirm how You did upgrade? Was it according to manual given here? Which files you modified? (Cardinfo.cif and verinfo.dat). Just to ease my operation. THX

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Hey Guys,

Any idea if this update will work on AVIC-F3210, according to original update info it should be folder: T1000-23350, but I think here we have T1000-23347, so there is some difference. I suppose that update (map) is the same, but I am not sure of this. Did anybody try to do update on F3210??? If Yes please respond. THX

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I have the F930BT with the old 2011 firmware ,  and tried the 2015 update , but it failed , incorrect sd card notification , after a lot of research succeeded installing the 2013 version. Does anyone know if you have to upgrade first to 2013 in order to make the 2015 update?.

I would like to have the 2015 update but am a little afraid i might brick the system again.


It's a bit confusing here because most of the topics are old and or the links are dead , and most of the members English grammar isn't that great...

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