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New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F940Bt F840BT Etc 2019

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12 hours ago, 2TA said:

Does this work for F8430BT? I have a Pioneer F8430BT with card 2015.

Looks like this unit runs the same firmware as the F40BT, F930BT and F940BT. So yes, it should work.

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Firstly hi from Turkey to everyone. I ve read all the topic about 2019 map update and I could update my f9220bt except for bluetooth.

For this, thanks everyone.

I bought this device second hand and my bluetooth wasn't working. My device version was 07.000 and bluetooth version was: ------------- After updating my device, its version is now 08.000 but I couldn't update my bluetooth to 3.32. so bluetooth version is  still: ------------------(no firmware)


What can I do to solve this problem? Which bluetooth version must be set up first and update? And how?

I will be very pleased if anyone help me. (And sorry for my little English)

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