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[FIX] SDCard Failed? Software Error on your w4500nex? Look here!

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Hello and thanks for writing this guide. I am not very computer savvy and I think this guide is written for those who are...

After hours of work... I have the AVIC image mounted on the drive, and this is where I simply cannot figure out how to proceed...

Im supposed to give partition 7 access to something... I don't even know what that means...

After 6 hours of wrestling with myself to even figure out what a virtual machine is an install it... I give up.


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First, thanks for writing this guide...

secondly... I'm not a linux guy... hell im barely a windows guy...

After literally hours of trying to learn what a virtual machine is, and finally installing it and setting it up... I'm just lost..

I really need a guide for a non-computer guy...

all the commands listed that I was supposed to put into the console result in errors.

Basically... I'm buying a new head unit and pioneer can kiss my ass.

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On 8/5/2021 at 9:21 PM, jrgutier said:

I believe that the firmware is defaulting to the W8400NEX when it can't lookup the 4500NEX product XML in sysd.conf. This was resulting in a really delayed startup. I transplanted the correct entry from the 8500NEX 1.08 update file using the strings command on the Platform PRG file, which fixed my problem. For reference:

<!-- *************************************************************************** -->
<!-- ******************************19AJ start*********************************** -->
<!-- *************************************************************************** -->
    <product model="KM777,UC">
<config name="sysdconf.0.index"                  value="17"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.iDL.HeadType"             value="AV_2DIN"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.bt.LocalName"             value="AVH-W4500NEX"            />
<config name="sysdconf.bt.productId"             value="01E1"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.modelType"             value="MODEL_AVH_M_UC"          />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.safeMode"              value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.region"                value="UC"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.modelname"             value=""                        />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.screenType"            value="6.94inch"                />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.projectname"           value="KM777/UC"                />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.modelname"             value="AVH-W4500NEX/UC"         />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.radio"                 value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.hd"                    value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dab"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dvd"                   value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.tmc"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.sxi"                   value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dtv"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.af"                    value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.amstep"                value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.learnkey"              value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.VerupFile"             value="CVJ3897.YUK"             />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.hasHDMIMute"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.AvInput"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.ipodRGB"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.LcdType"               value="RGB666"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.mediamanager.modeltype"   value="AVH,UC"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.set.gpschip"              value="ON"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.set.productType"          value="AVH"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.set.wiredkey"             value="WITH"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dabpower"             value="NOSET"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.set.themesplashindex"     value="4"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dateformat"           value="UC"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dabTA"                value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.set.vkbUC"                value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.set.tuningprename"        value="CarType_A_4_1_"          />
<config name="sysdconf.misc.TravelRegulate"      value="PKBSPEED"                />
<config name="sysdconf.misc.isUSBModelName"      value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.aam"                  value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.aamandroid"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.navifusion"           value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.accessoryid"          value="1017"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.screenwidth"          value="1566"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.screenheight"         value="816"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.AccessoryName"        value="Name1"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.PandAcc"              value="058DF7D3"                />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleModel"         value="After Market"            />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMakeYear"      value="2018"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMaker"         value="Pioneer"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitMaker"        value="Pioneer"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitModel"        value="AV Receiver High"        />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.videoMarginWidth"     value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.videoMarginHeight"    value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.ml.ClientID"              value="CL130412"                />
<config name="sysdconf.SycCtrl.ServiceScheme"    value="1"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.com.TouchType"            value="resistence"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAAP"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasDIO"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAAM"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasMirrorLink"        value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasHDMI"              value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasFlap"              value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasgps"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAha"               value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasPandora"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasSD"                value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasCanbus"            value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasDetach"            value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasVABox"             value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasTelMute"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasRGBIllum"          value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasTVRGB"             value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.idatalink"            value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.ManufactureID"        value="1010610240"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.optionMecha"          value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.productType"          value="PRODUCT_AVH_MID"         />
<config name="sysdconf.com.gpstype"              value="gps_sensor"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.lcdsize"              value="840*480"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.com.lcdtype"              value="1"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.com.modelname"            value="AVH-W4500NEX"            />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.driveLimitGrp"        value="GROUP1"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.physicalWidth"        value="156"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.physicalHeight"       value="82"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.oemLabel"             value="NEX"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.configPath"           value="/etc/airplay_KM500.conf" />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasSubOpt"       value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasUSBOpt"       value="TRUE"                    />


Hi all...

Copied this config exactly and it booted, but no touch screen.

It's really frustrating because I read and re-read everything before applying. Head unit booted really quickly too. Responds to buttons but no touch and no response to steering controls (Maestro RR flashing Red)
Any ideas??

The ONE thing I noticed was that in the image I downloaded, there was only one model listed under the sysd.conf and the file itself was slightly bigger than the extract you posted. 


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On 10/27/2021 at 3:57 PM, Twister997 said:

@Tony Stark yea, the original config doesn't specify the model correctly.

It caused issues for me with android auto but worked fine with Apple carplay. 

You can use the one I uploaded if you have issues, it works correctly. 

The file you uploaded no longer appears to be available. I used the img file initially listed within the post instructions and added in the 4500 NEX product information that was listed in the later posts. However, my unit seems to think it’s an 8400 NEX. Any advice, since you got yours to work?

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I used the sysd.conf provided by @Twister997and everything works fine on my NEX 4500 except the steering wheel controls via the Maestro RR.   Did anyone using the modded 4400 firmware get their iDataLink Maestro RR working?   I'm wondering if I order the ebay firmware, will that fix the Maestro issue.  Thanks for any other experiences to relate.



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