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[FIX] SDCard Failed? Software Error on your w4500nex? Look here!

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Edited the sysd.conf file as specified by @jrgutier and no touchscreen for me either.
I'll try to only include the 4500 product info as others have tried and hopefully that works...

Edit: turns out I was sold the wrong unit....box said 4500nex but label said 4400nex.

I now have a 4500nex and the instructions works great.


Also, got myself a Nokia c6-01 and can now finally erase the SD cards that get locked during trial and error.

If anyone needs cards unlocked, feel free to send them my way and im happy to unlock and mail them back. Send a pm.

Or find a Nokia e series or n series or c series on ebay and those should work to format it.



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On 8/5/2021 at 8:21 PM, jrgutier said:

I believe that the firmware is defaulting to the W8400NEX when it can't lookup the 4500NEX product XML in sysd.conf. This was resulting in a really delayed startup. I transplanted the correct entry from the 8500NEX 1.08 update file using the strings command on the Platform PRG file, which fixed my problem. For reference:

<!-- *************************************************************************** -->
<!-- ******************************19AJ start*********************************** -->
<!-- *************************************************************************** -->
    <product model="KM777,UC">
<config name="sysdconf.0.index"                  value="17"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.iDL.HeadType"             value="AV_2DIN"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.bt.LocalName"             value="AVH-W4500NEX"            />
<config name="sysdconf.bt.productId"             value="01E1"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.modelType"             value="MODEL_AVH_M_UC"          />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.safeMode"              value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.region"                value="UC"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.modelname"             value=""                        />
<config name="sysdconf.ui.screenType"            value="6.94inch"                />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.projectname"           value="KM777/UC"                />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.modelname"             value="AVH-W4500NEX/UC"         />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.radio"                 value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.hd"                    value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dab"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dvd"                   value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.tmc"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.sxi"                   value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.dtv"                   value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.af"                    value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.amstep"                value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.learnkey"              value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.VerupFile"             value="CVJ3897.YUK"             />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.hasHDMIMute"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.AvInput"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.ipodRGB"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.tm.LcdType"               value="RGB666"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.mediamanager.modeltype"   value="AVH,UC"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.set.gpschip"              value="ON"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.set.productType"          value="AVH"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.set.wiredkey"             value="WITH"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dabpower"             value="NOSET"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.set.themesplashindex"     value="4"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dateformat"           value="UC"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.set.dabTA"                value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.set.vkbUC"                value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.set.tuningprename"        value="CarType_A_4_1_"          />
<config name="sysdconf.misc.TravelRegulate"      value="PKBSPEED"                />
<config name="sysdconf.misc.isUSBModelName"      value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.aam"                  value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.aamandroid"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.navifusion"           value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.accessoryid"          value="1017"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.screenwidth"          value="1566"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.screenheight"         value="816"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.AccessoryName"        value="Name1"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.smp.PandAcc"              value="058DF7D3"                />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleModel"         value="After Market"            />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMakeYear"      value="2018"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMaker"         value="Pioneer"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitMaker"        value="Pioneer"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitModel"        value="AV Receiver High"        />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.videoMarginWidth"     value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.videoMarginHeight"    value="0"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.ml.ClientID"              value="CL130412"                />
<config name="sysdconf.SycCtrl.ServiceScheme"    value="1"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.com.TouchType"            value="resistence"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAAP"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasDIO"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAAM"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasMirrorLink"        value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasHDMI"              value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasFlap"              value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasgps"               value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAha"               value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasPandora"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasSD"                value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasCanbus"            value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasDetach"            value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasVABox"             value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasTelMute"           value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasRGBIllum"          value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasTVRGB"             value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.idatalink"            value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.com.ManufactureID"        value="1010610240"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.optionMecha"          value="FALSE"                   />
<config name="sysdconf.com.productType"          value="PRODUCT_AVH_MID"         />
<config name="sysdconf.com.gpstype"              value="gps_sensor"              />
<config name="sysdconf.com.lcdsize"              value="840*480"                 />
<config name="sysdconf.com.lcdtype"              value="1"                       />
<config name="sysdconf.com.modelname"            value="AVH-W4500NEX"            />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.driveLimitGrp"        value="GROUP1"                  />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.physicalWidth"        value="156"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.physicalHeight"       value="82"                      />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.oemLabel"             value="NEX"                     />
<config name="sysdconf.dio.configPath"           value="/etc/airplay_KM500.conf" />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasSubOpt"       value="TRUE"                    />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasUSBOpt"       value="TRUE"                    />


Does this bring back android auto? 

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On 5/8/2022 at 12:04 PM, bassilap said:

Here you go:  https://mega.nz/folder/AI9RxZjZ#jAXMB8e-8tPlBF5s5VUvBQ


yes, but you have to factory reset your radio and delete the bluetooth lairing from your phone

just had this issue happen to my radio a few days ago... anyone ever find out a root cause for this? was just driving one day and boom it died... 

Thanks for these files, writing to SD card now!

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