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2015 European Map Update for Pioneer AVIC-F30BT, F930BT, F9310BT, F40BT, F940BT, F840BT, F8430BT

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I updated my F920BT about 4 months ago and the update went down fine. New maps show the new Street in my neighborhood, so that's fine. But there's one right now major concern: I can't get it in night mode anymore. In the menu there's only the choice between day and automatic but when I put it in Auto it will still remain in day mode. And at night the screen is really bright.

Somewhere in the middle of this thread someone had the same problem and he seems to have solved it somehow. But he didn't say how. I already wrote a PN but I'm not sure if I will get an answer.


Did anyone have the same problem and/or knows a solution?




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All you have to do is unzip and copy files to sd FIRMWARE(folder), Update(folder), CARDINFO.cif.

Put sd in unit and the update starts auto. No password or nothing. Thats it.


For tts update: copy files to folder voice on sd. Start unit and go into costumize settings and update voice data.

Thanks, works great with F30BT

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Hi everybody.

Sorry for my english i'm french.

First thanks to you for help us/me to upgrade my f930bt.

The new update works fine, i just have one big question....

Can someone help me to install speedcam mobile anf fixed of France ?

I paid a file www.speedcamupdates.fr, i see fixed speedcam but not all, like the file was a 2010 release....and i don't see mobile speedcam.

Where can i find an update of mobile and fixed speedcam update for my f930bt ?

Can i download a file (.txt, .csv...) and convert it ? And how?

Thanks everyone !


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Yes I think so. 

Even with this update my pioneer avic f40 bt is a shit navigator! 

The grafic interface is terrifying, the route calculation is inaccurate. If I didn't pay so much money, I would destroy it!


Any news about hacking/ possibile to install google maps, sygic, tomtom or something else`?

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