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New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F940Bt F840BT Etc 2019

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12 hours ago, 2TA said:

Does this work for F8430BT? I have a Pioneer F8430BT with card 2015.

Looks like this unit runs the same firmware as the F40BT, F930BT and F940BT. So yes, it should work.

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Firstly hi from Turkey to everyone. I ve read all the topic about 2019 map update and I could update my f9220bt except for bluetooth.

For this, thanks everyone.

I bought this device second hand and my bluetooth wasn't working. My device version was 07.000 and bluetooth version was: ------------- After updating my device, its version is now 08.000 but I couldn't update my bluetooth to 3.32. so bluetooth version is  still: ------------------(no firmware)


What can I do to solve this problem? Which bluetooth version must be set up first and update? And how?

I will be very pleased if anyone help me. (And sorry for my little English)

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On 10/19/2020 at 12:46 PM, Vincent1979 said:

Can please someone help me out, I have the 2017 maps on my F930BT (hacked version of this forum) , trying to update the system with the 2019 maps,

But it can't read the TTS sd, tried different sd cards but no luck, 

The 2019 sd it reads but can't get beyond the password, so the problem lies in the TTS sd that doesn't install? 

Tried 3 different sd cards from 2 and 4 GB without any luck,

What I'm doing wrong?? :wacko: 

On 10/20/2020 at 11:08 AM, Gopher1973 said:

Same here. Tried a couple SD's all different sizes and reformatted. Placed the ISO, even decompressed the files. When I add the SD with the map update, it will promt directly for the update. Tried the double passwords and the 111. No luck. 

Any tips?

Not sure if you guys figured this out, but the TTS.iso needs to be unpacked and only the VOICE folder goes on the SD card. You then need to go into settings -> regional settings -> voice -> setup -> change voice -> choose desired voice. It will then update from the SD card. This will take several minutes. There is an instruction pdf on the iso which I've attached here.



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Maybe a silly question..
Do i need to put both the files from godzilla on 1 SD card?

and for instructions i just follow the guide from spoon and everything will be going ok?
first time i'm doing something like this! 




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Hi all,

I found these awesome files and have them. And a F940BT in desperate need of an update.

However, am super not so techy with this.

Would anyone be willing to explain in super simple language what to do?

Question already coming up for me:

- Do I use micro SD card, and put it next to where the CD goes in?

- Do I need to do something to the SD card (how many GB?) before loading the files on it? exfat?

- Am in Netherlands, do I need to change that .cif file?

- Will I need to enter a password and if so, do I try the 1-ones or the double password in caps?

- Can I do it terribly wrong and f* up the old version that is on there now?

Thanks sooo much if anyone is patient enough to assist me with my lack of expertise and jargon :)



I managed to do it without expert assistance :)

for F940BT did not need to the other 2017 cardinfo file, just the one from godzilla.

I did need the shortfuse thing, tried without and didn't accept the password.

I used a 2GB for shortfuse, and a 32GB for the update files.

At first I had them formatted as exFat discs, and I got a notificated that the drive was incompatible with the device. Reformatted as MS-DOS (FAT) and then it did work.

Feeling like a super expert now :).

Thanks to all of you for the information provided here, couldn't have figured it out without it.

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Hello, is it possible to upgrade my F930BT with godzilla's files directly from device factory default or do I have to patch it with any previous version? Thanks a lot for your reply.

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34 minutes ago, one said:

Hello, is it possible to upgrade my F930BT with godzilla's files directly from device factory default or do I have to patch it with any previous version? Thanks a lot for your reply.

If you are asking if you need to install all the intervening updates first, no you don't.  You will need to run the ShortFuse hack.

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