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Found 21 results

  1. Hi forum users, I have the x940bt and I've been using the Bluetooth and my iphone since I go the unit back in 2013. So the Bluetooth registered list is lengthy and I don't have the phones anymore. Is there a way to de-register the not needed connections? My new iphone has been registered but when I saw the list, i have 5 or six other devices listed that I don't even have anymore? I just want to know if there is a way to remove the unwanted devices from the list. I don't see any delete or remove buttons. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, My problem is no audio or video from my new iPhone5 thru the CD-IV202NAVI and lightning-to-VGA adapter combination. I can see the iPhone detect that an external display is attached and start sending video out, but nothing shows up on my AVIC-x940bt head unit. I have everything wired up properly (as far as I can tell)(the iPhone wouldn't detect and change modes if not(?)), switch is flipped to "2" on my VGA adapter (CD-IV202NAVI). I am starting to wonder if its defective. I had an iPhone4s and it worked perfectly, but now with the new phone and all the adapters; nothing. And yes, i was using different adapter cables back then, of course. I must be retarded and not seeing something simple and obvious, cuz it is truly a no-brainer to install and setup. Supposed to be anyway. Is there a firmware update or something I am missing? Anyone had similar trouble and able to figure it out? Summarizing: 1. Phone: iPhone5 (which detects an external display and changes modes) 2. AVIC: X940BT (which worked perfectly with iPhone4s/cables) 3. CD-IV202NAVI (installed, 12vdc on "Acc" ignition circuit, and set to "2") 4. Apple VGA-to-lightning adapter installed 5. Lightning cable installed 6. Problem: no audio nor video from phone (iPod mode, AV Mode, etc...only audio plays via Bluetooth) I would remove the Avic unit and ensure proper wiring but like I said, the phone detects and changes modes to send video out the lightning cable)
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII paired to my X940 BT upgraded from X930. And it works fine actually, all except that I can't seem to get any album art or information to show up when I play music locally. The album art and info shows up just fine when I'm using Pandora app mode but when I play music with another player off my phones SD card, all I get is the audio. Any help?
  4. Undo Condi's Hack Mode

    I just got the "there is no applicable program" screen after running Condi's hackmode 2.x. After doing a search, I didn't find a concise means of reverting back so I disected the installer and came up with the following: Using Super TestMode As with any mods to your AVIC, the following is at your own risk. I was successful doing the following on my X930BT (updated to X940BT) Step 1 From a PC create 2 directories on a SD card: PRG0 and PRG1 Copy the Super Testmode.KEY to the root of the SD card Step 2 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode VERIFY THAT THE FOLLOWING FILE EXISTS: USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE If it doesn't, do not continue! COPY USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG0 directory on the SD card If the following files exist: COPY USER\PRGx.FLG to the SD card COPY USER\PRG1\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG1 directory on the SD card Turn off your AVIC and take the SD card back to your PC Step 3 From your PC Rename PRG0\AV1.EXE to AV.EXE If the following files exist: Rename PRGx.FLG to PRG.FLG Rename the PRG1\AV1.EXE files to AV.EXE Step 4 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode DELETE the following files on your AVIC USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\AV.MSCR USER\PRG0\APL\COMMCTR1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\CORED1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\KILLPROC.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\MORTSCRIPT.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\TOOLHEL1.DLL COPY the following files from the SD card to your AVIC SD\PRG0.AV.EXE to USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE If the following files exist: SD\PRG.FLG to USER\PRG.FLG SD\PRG1.AV.EXE to USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE If you have followed the above exactly, your AVIC should be back to the way it was before the HACKMODE
  5. I guys I look all through the forums specifically for this topic being covered. I found many articles talking about people not being able to use the Iphone5 when PLUGGED IN, because the interface has changed from analog AV to digital AV in the Iphone5. I get that. What I am trying to do is use my Iphone5 through Bluetooth to launch Pandora, so I can app control it on the screen like I could with my blackberry, and my nexus android. I can stream audio perfectly fine from the Iphone but I am looking for that last little part where I as able to do it before. I keep seeing news letters from pioneer about an 'update' for the 2012 units they released to work with the Iphone5, wondering if that will help. Let me know if you guys found out anything. Thanks!
  6. iphone 5 x940bt appradio extensions

    Hello all, I have read about nine forums and am only looking for an answer to wether the appradio extensions will allow my iphone 5 to appear on my x930bt upgraded to x940bt software. I know i might need the lightening to vga and the pionneers vga to the deck adapters. Before I buy all that junk does anyone know wether this even works? Thanks for your time Joe
  7. X940BT Map update

    Dear Friends, I have just purchased an X940BT and am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to update the maps. I want the maps of the middle east on them. There is nothing about X940BT on the Navteq site. Could someone please advise whether this is possible and if it is.. how to do it? I have downloaded the iGO and NAVTEQ maps for middle east but dont know how to put them into the unit. Regards,
  8. hey guys, i have had an Avic-Z2 for the last 5 years.... i admit, i had quite a few problems with it, but i just accepted it. i didn't like the super slow input for destinations, how it ghosted out certain letters when typing things, and the super slow ipod interface. on top of all that, the GPS stopped working a while ago. i bought a brand new antenna, hooked it up, reset the unit, and it still didn't work... the motorized face plate is now super, super slow. i have to use my finger just and push it to make it move. that being said, it's time for a new unit. i have read SO many terrible reviews of the z-140 that i don't know why i'm still considering it. but i love that line, and want to stay with it, but not if i'll just regret it what are the main differences between the x940 and the z-140?? all i notice is that the Z-series has the full screen touchpad, while the X-series has some dials and a slightly smaller viewable screen... are there any other differences? and i keep reading about how the iphone does NOT connect properly with these units and blah blah blah... what are your thoughts?
  9. Anyone using the PAC Audio RP4-VW11 (RadioPro4) harness with their headunit? I've got an issue where the headunit is not staying turned on in the ACC key position (key still in ignition, but not in ignition position). It only turns on and stays on in the "ignition" position. I've connected the red wire on the RP4-VW11 unit to the ACC red wire on the headunit wiring. I thought that should be about it, but I guess not. The headunit turns on when I turn on the car, but as soon as I turn off the car and leave the key in ACC position, the unit turns off as well. I'm trying to have the headunit on in the ACC position so I can use it when parked without leaving the engine running. Oddly enough, I had an easier time doing the bypass than something seemingly as simple as this.
  10. Hi all, I've been looking at picking up an older x unit (910bt or 930bt), but someone got it in my head that these units do not shuffle the entire card. Is this true? I wouldn't have more than a couple hundred tracks, and the folder structure would not be complex. From the root, I'd separate files into Artist subfolders and that would be it. Thanks for any thoughts on this...
  11. I want to use the "profile" view as my default routing view, so I can see the next several instructions. I can get the profile view (though not as default), but it seems to be static. It doesn't move as I travel. A manual refresh dumps me back to the main screen. Is this how it's supposed to work? If so, that's a disappointment -- our on-dash models all had this feature.
  12. X940BT Mexico Map

    Well, I just purchased X940BT knowing that it only came with the US and Canada Maps….. I already downloaded the “gmapsupp.img†that includes Mexico Map. Can somebody tell me how should I save it on the Mini SD card (folder, file name, etc) and if there is a specific MiniSD card size (storage capacity) to do this. Once I do that, what are the steps to install it on my AVIC-X940BT ? Thanks
  13. Street View

    Hi Guys, I tried searching for this topic with no success. Before I upgraded my z110bt to the latest map and software update, I had a button in the map views screen called "Street View", when it was activated it changed the map view while following a route to a split screen with map on right half and the next 4 maneuvers listed on the left pane. After the update the "street View icon is now grayed out and even when a destination is set is not active=no street view. This is also the case with my new x940bt. Does anyone know what has happened to "Street View", or how to activate it again. I know I can get a "Turn By Turn" Screen,(Profile), for the entire route, But that screen does not include the map screen, and it doesn't change as you complete the shown maneuvers. Thanks--Semper Fi
  14. USB Not Working

    Hello Guys, I finally finished the install of the x940bt, in a 2006 Mustang. Every function works except the USB. I plugged an 8gb sandisk with mp3's in and the disk lights up like it is getting power, but the icon that is supposed to appear on the hu does not appear. I have tried 3 different drives, that I know work in other cars, one being a subaru with an avic 110bt, and they all work in all the other units. I called pioneer cust service and after doing a clear all user data, his conclusion was that it is probably a bad unit. Anybody here have any other possibilities before I go to the trouble of uninstalling it all and sending it back Thanks for you help--Semper Fi
  15. Hi All, I posted a similar question in Vehicle Specific section, but no answers so far, so I'm trying here. I am ready to install an x940bt into a 2006 Mustang, Shaker 500. I have the unit, along with a Scosche FDSR harness, and a Kollertron BU Camera. and a Scosche dask Kit. My main question is how to wire the FDSR to the 940bt's harnesses. I did a Z110bt a few years ago into a 2001 Outback, which worked out perfectly. But the FDSR is a bit confusing as it has 3 plugs and an interface and 18 wire ends to connect to the 940's 16, plus 6 rca's and a mute wire. I am sure I can handle the install if I can get some input as to how to prepare the harnesses. Thanks for any help. Luck to all- Semper Fi
  16. Hi All, A few years ago I installed an Avic z110bt in a 2001 Subaru Outback, and found this site of great value in setting me on the right path.It turned out great on the first try, and is still working great. I am now getting ready to Install an X940bt in a 2006 Mustang Gt Conv. I have the unit, along with the Scosche FDSR harness, Radio Antenna Adapter, and a Koolertron backup camera. From what I understand I should splice the scosche main 14 pin plug's open wires to the 940's harness going by color. The scosche fdsr contains 3 harnesses and an interface, Is there something I should be doing with the other 2 harnesses and the interface. Is it ok to put the nav antenna under the dash?. Any ideas where to put the microphone in a convertible. Is it still neccessary with the new FDSR to wire a resistor inline of the amp wh/gr wire to prevent rebooting on high volume. Any advice is most welcome, especially about the fdsr. Thanks.
  17. I just installed the x940BT in my SUV, I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the clock from displaying on the unit? I have a Toyota Highlander and theirs a clock built into the truck right about the unit. So it's very redundant. I think, I looked through most of the settings on the unit, but I didn't see anything that will not display it.
  18. I had an AVIC-X920BT, and I remember that the pixels aren't exactly "square," in that when designing a splash screen, I couldn't use the aspect ratio in the manual. Well, it appears that the X940BT is similar. The screen dimensions from the manual are 2592 x 1944, which is a ratio of 4:3. I cut a bunch of images to that ratio, and there are black bars on the left & right sides of the screen... So what is the real ratio? What should I use for custom splash screen sizes?
  19. I had the F700BT and moved to the X940BT last week. I notice that the X940BT doesn’t show if I have an income text message on the screen. Am I missing a step in the setup process to show the text notification again like I had on my F700BT?
  20. I have a newly purchased X940BT that I installed. Whenever I am listening to Pandora through the built-in Pandora app on the radio, the source will randomly switch to iPod and the screen goes black (like going into App Mode), and Pandora will keep playing. This is annoying because it seems to happen every other song or so. I would like it to stay on Pandora mode though, so I can give thumbs up or down, and see album art, but I constantly have to switch the Source back to Pandora. Same thing with Aha. It also does the same thing when I am listening to FM radio. The source will randomly switch to iPod mode on its own. What could be causing this? The ipod cable is securely connected to the usb cable. Other than that, I love the radio.
  21. What is the best way to bypass the parking brake other than connecting the green wire to an on/off switch?