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Found 52 results

  1. I created this thread dedicated to our wireless CarPlay issues with the new Pioneer receivers. Who is having issues and is there anything you’ve done to fix it? Have you called pioneer on the issue and what was their response? How has Apple allowed this to happen, they have such a tight grasp on their products and other manufacturers who integrate with their ecosystem?
  2. I am having issues with my 4400NEX (latest firmware) and CarPlay via WIFI. Wifi CarPlay works flawlessly with my iphone X on v13.3.1. If it doesn't connect automatically, I can go to the Top Menu Screen select the phone icon and my iPhone X is listed. I can then select my iphone and it connects via wifi. No issues. Now I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on v13.3.1, I have connected it to the 4400NEX via usb, bluetooth and wifi and it works perfectly the 1st time. The problem is when I turn the truck off and start the truck up again the 4400NEX wifi doesn't connect to my iPhone. So I go to the top menu and when I select the phone icon all I see is my old iPhone X listed. My new iphone is not listed. If I go to my iphone 11 Pro Max settings select general > CarPlay > AVH-4400NEX > the CarPlay is on. But if I turn it off and on again the 4400NEX sees it and connects. I can plug my iPhone 11 Pro Max in by usb and it works flawlessly. But if I wanted it plugged in I wouldn't have replaced my 4200NEX with the 4400NEX. I've completely reset the radio, the phone, deleted everything from bluetooth on both the radio and phone and nothing seems to work. I can also find no way to get my old iphone deleted from the CarPlay wifi. I've deleted it from bluetooth no issues. But its still in the CarPlay wifi menu. I was hoping maybe someone on here had a similar issues and could help. Thank you for your time.
  3. AVH-W4500NEX CarPlay Echo

    Howdy. I’m using a AVH-W4500NEX. When placing a call with CarPlay, the caller hears their own voice with a horrific echo. I can’t figure out how to make this go away. It does it on any iPhone I try with it. I’ve tried with wireless CarPlay and USB (WiFi and Bluetooth shut off on my phone). My phone has been set back to factory settings. It doesn’t help. Could this just be a bad unit? I was thinking of swapping it for the same model.
  4. NEX Rebooting

    I have an interesting phenomena that occurs with my AVH-W4500NEX. When connected wireless, running CarPlay, and with Waze and a streaming audio such as Pandora or Spotify active, the unit will crash and reboot. Oddly, it does this in only at one particular intersection along my commute route (that I have so far discovered). The audio stream will begin to break up, the map will stop updating and then the Pioneer unit will crash and reboot. Most times, my iPhone SE will reconnect but not always. This happens in the same location regardless of which direction I am traveling. I plan to play around a bit with shutting off one of the apps and see if things still progress in the same manner over the next few days. I also plan to reach out to the local Waze map editors to see if there is anything unusual about that area. Since it only happens there, seems reasonable to presume it has something to do with Waze as it typically occurs right around the same time it is giving me route guidance. The unit runs flawlessly when connected via USB. Also, the unit is factory with regard to firmware and has an iDatalink Rr unit connected for steering wheel controls. I thought I'd throw this out to the community to see if there are any ideas/insights on this issue. Seems really strange. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. Charlie
  5. I recently installed a new 8500NEX and had no problems setting up the WiFi connection for both my and my wife’s iPhones. Last week, my phone died and was replaced with a new one. After performing the restore, the 8500 network credentials were still in the phone, but it wouldn’t connect to the HU. It has a check mark next to the 8500 in the network list, so it seems as if it’s connected, but it’s not. I figured it was because of the different MAC address of the new phone so I had it “forget” the network, reset the 8500 password and RE-joined the 8500. Still won’t connect (as far as CarPlay is concerned). I opened the device list in the 8500 and told it to search for new devices and it doesn’t find the new phone no matter what I do. Any suggestions short of a of a factory reset?
  6. CarPlay button responsiveness

    I just installed an AVH2550NEX. When I use my iPhone X running iOS 12.3.1, the icons down the left hand side of the CarPlay screen are very slow in responding. When you hit the button, it flashes as it recognizes the touch but takes hitting it 10/12 times before it actually switches to that app or the home screen. The screen is responsive on all other place. I have tried using different model iPhones from the family, some running the same iOS and the unit works just fine. I have updated the firmware to current, used Genuine Apple lightning cable, rebooted and completely reset the iPhone and have seen the same issue. Any help is appreciated. Bill
  7. I've seen several posts regarding the bypass to enable video while driving, none really answer my question. I guess my goal is to be able to have video playing while in motion but ONLY on the rear monitor. I frequently have my 4 year old in the backseat and have the headrest monitor playing a video from a DVD or the SD card. In my Jeep, I have the 4200 HU with the bypass installed so I can play video on the rear screen. I tried using the wired Android Auto and CarPlay but you cannot control the rear output source and it simply mirrors the HU. I just got the 4400 and was wondering the following: 1) if you don't put in a bypass and connect GPS and the speed sensor wire, can you still play video in motion as long as it's just the rear screen? 2) Can you set separate rear video source while using wireless AA/CP? 3) if I install a bypass and leave the GPS/VSS disconnected, can I still use wireless AA/CP and have video in motion as long as I'm not using a GPS based app like Google maps? I've read that the unit will actually check your phone's GPS signal for motion in conjunction with the parking brake sensor, even with the HU's VSS and GPS unplugged. Can anyone help answer my questions? Also open to other suggestions. Really all I want is wireless AA/CP with the ability to play video in motion ONLY on the rear monitor output. Thanks in advance!
  8. iOS 11 Breaks Carplay

    Hey everyone, new to the forum, did a search and came up empty. Installed iOS 11 on my iPhone 7plus last night and now Carplay doesn't work. Anyone else having a similar issue? The head unit doesn't even recognize the phone. The phone DOES charge when plugged in via the USB port (#1). I also did the 1.15 firmware update via that usb port so I know that's not the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Carplay how to install

    I have a 8200 NEX. I am trying to make carplay work. I have plugged into the USB1 cable to my iPhone and changed settings. It now sees an iPod and plays the musis ok but there is nothing that looks like carplay. What is the trick to making this work?
  10. Which USB to use?

    My Goal: To be able to use one of the USB Ports on the back for Carplay and the other for App Radio. I've just installed the 8100NEX in my car. I followed the install instructions and I'm not getting the results. My setup: USB 1: USB extension (included in box) to a lightning cable to the phone directly. Working fine for carplay. USB 2: Lightning cable paired with the HDMI both connected to the Apple AV adapter. So, Carplay works perfectly. but when connecting to the other lighting: nothing. Any help?
  11. Slow Siri/CarPlay

    Hey all, playing around with my new AVIC-6000 NEX. Have the latest and greatest firmware that allows CarPlay. But for some reason, when I use Siri in CarPlay, it seems to take a minute for the speech to get from me to my iPhone 6, almost like lag. I'll say something, then about 3-5 seconds later I'll start to see Siri on screen recognize me speaking. AM I doing something wrong here?
  12. Hi everybody! I'm currently having a lot of issues with my 9 months old Appradio 4 unit. Some days ago, I wasn't able to make my iPhone 9.2.1 work with the unit... It seemed that the unit was unable to detect the cellphone, so I was unable to run Carplay as usual. Following Pioneers instructions, I reseted the device, restored the iPhone, changed the cable, attached it directly to the usb1 port in the radio... but nothing happened. The funny part is that if you connect the iPhone to the usb and then turn on the contact in the car, it starts charging, but no Carplay nor detection as iPhone, so I asume it's not a hardware failure. I took the sph-da120 unit to service, and after 3 weeks (3 weeks!) they decided to change the mainboard... but everything stays the same. No Carplay, no iPhone in usb1, and no chance to upgrade the firm on the Appradio because European website has pulled down every file download for this device. If i flash the device to the american 1.11 firm, I assume I'd lose the warranty, so if it doesn't work as a solution to my issues... I could't do anything more. Is there anything you would do before returning the unit to tech service? I don't really want to stay another 3 weeks with a big hole in the car.. travelling in silence! Any idea will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, buddies! Salva
  13. Hey all - I recently installed a 4000NEX into my 2013 VW Golf and have, at this point, only installed the USB cable in order to utilize Carplay. I'm interested in adding the HDMI cable in order to enable the Appradio and Mixtrax functionality and I have 2 questions regarding this: 1) Adding the HDMI cable using the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter - does this impact the Carplay functionality at all? and, more importantly 2) Does anyone know of a way to connect the male end of a lightning cable to the male end of a USB cable? The setup in my car is a USB port that I installed (pics below) and I plugged the usb cable into the back of the NEX (the green plug goes into the underside of the USB port) to get carplay working. However, in order to connect the AV Adapter to the USB port I installed I'll need to bridge the gap between the lightning connector on the AV Adapter and USB cable pictured below. I think I would need something like a female lightning to female usb cable/adapter, but I'm not sure this exists. Thanks in advance...
  14. F60DAB firmware on F60BT

    Is it possible to update AVIC F60BT(India) with AVIC F60DAB? The reason I want to do this is Pioneer India wont release a firmware update for CarPlay, so I'm looking for alternatives. I'm not sure but I think hardware wise both models are the same. I'm not bothered with losing my local map content after the update, just want to get CarPlay working. Is there anyway of force updating? http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/archive/AVIC-F60DAB/page.html http://pioneer-india.in/shop/avic-f60bt/
  15. Just finished my install this weekend of an AVIC-8000NEX into my 2011 Traverse XL with Rear Seat Entertainment and Bose Sound. I got everything working and LOVE this deck, but I'm having one very annoying issue. I have loaded videos on an SD card and I play them to the rear seat entertainment system. This works fantastic and is so much easier than dealing with DVD's, but as soon as I plug in my iPhone (USB-1, carplay), the movie stops playing the the SD option in the source menu turns grey. Interestingly enough, if I'm playing music from the SD card and do the exact same thing, the music keeps playing and the SD card remains as an option in the source menu. I find this very frustrating as my wife is driving two 5-year old's around and wants to play videos while doing so. Guess what? She'd also like to have her phone connected and be able to use the Carplay features that I bought this deck for in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  16. NEX6000+iPhone6+Carplay=Garbage

    My blackberry Q10 gave up the ghost so it was time to upgrade my device. Due to my employers inability to adequately support anything but iPhones I went to the dark side and settled for an iPhone6. At first I thought it might be cool to make use of the "integration" between my AVIC and iPhone rather than the limited Bluetooth streaming supported via my BB. Well, here is how my first three attempts to use CarPlay went: Attempt #1) I updated the AVIC firmware to 1.08 as required and plugged my iPhone into USB1 with the apple supplied lightning cable. About 10 secs later the AVIC crashed and rebooted itself. When it came back up it was as if it was being powered on for the first time. I was forced to go through the entire setup sequence again. ALL of my settings had been lost; navigation, sound, lighting preferences, everything - blown away. Attempt #2) After going through all the setup I decided I would risk it another time and try to use CarPlay again. This time it worked for about 10 minutes (that's an order of magnitude improvement!) before the screen went totally blank and a loud (and I mean ear piercing loud) high pitched sound was emitted from all channels. The unit was totally unresponsive. The only way I could get it to stop was to turn the car off. The only consolation was that at least it didn't lose all my settings. Attempt #3) same as attempt #2. I also noticed that the Bluetooth (and CarPlay) integration with the iPhone is less functional than my BB Q10. The Q10 enabled all of the play features on the AVIC interface you would expect; e.g. shuffle, repeat, art work, etc. while control of the iPhone through the head unit is dumber than a door knob. This is true when using either the device's built-in music app or the Neutron app (for both BB and iPhone). All-in-all, the iPhone is a significant step down from my former Blackberry Q10. I don't know who's fault it is but I like to think it's Apple since a. I hate them and b. everything worked fine between the NEX and BB (though that was only the Bluetooth interface). One thing is for sure, this was pushed out the door way before it was ready. Boy do I feel like a sucker. I guess Sirius/XM can breath a sigh of relief - for now. Apple CarPlay kind'a reminds me of the Apple Newton.
  17. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    Hello everyone. Just had a 4100NEX installed. All was working well with the microphone. Only 2 days later, the microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure, but it seems to have happened when I updated my phone to iOS 8.4. But that wouldn't explain why the microphone doesn't work with the bluetooth Pioneer features, right? Do these microphones go out so easily? Or is there maybe a setting or something that controls the microphone? In my Jetta, the route for tucking the mic cable is hellacious and I'd hate to do it again. Thank you all for your help.
  18. Hi Gurus of all things NEX I recently brought my wife a 5100NEX for her 2011 Nissan Altima (BIG IM SORRY PRESENT). Anyhow, I have an iPhone 6, and when I plugged in my 6 to her deck to make sure everything was working good, I had 0 problems. So after I showed her the car, and the radio she plugged in her 5s and we took off for a trip down to wine country. Well, about 10 minutes into the drive, the 5100 stopped responding in Car Play mode. The CD still worked, the Radio still worked, bluetooth with the 5s was flawless, but we couldn't get CarPlay to work... I have no idea what's going on and I can't find anything on any support forums that lists the 5s as having issues with CarPlay. It's running iOS 8.3 however I haven't done the firmware update to the NEX yet.. (as a side note, we unplugged her 5s and plugged in my 6 and carplay worked perfectly) It maybe worth noting that In my Ford Fusion I have the 7100NEX and her phone acts goofy in my car as well. I haven't tried to plug in someone else's 5s yet too see if it's just her phone... If anyone has heard anything related to this issue please let me know... I'm going to do the firmware updates today to both of the decks to see if that that fixes the issue. Thanks in advance for all your help guys & gals. Respectfully, Bryan Garcia
  19. CarPlay to go Wireless

    From the WWDC today: "CarPlay: Audio apps, now supports apps by automakers to control things in the car. More kinds of screens, HiDPI. Wireless CarPlay. Apple to get in car without taking phone out of the bag and start experiencing CarPlay effortlessly." Coming Fall 2015. http://9to5mac.com/2015/06/08/carplay-ios-9/#more-383625
  20. Multiple screens in Carplay?

    ok this is driving me nuts. I have a NEX-6000 and have several apps that are carplay compatible. but I only have a few icons showing up. the screen is full, but for example, MLB doesn't show up. is there away two get to a second screen. I tried swiping and got nada.
  21. Hi, I installed an AVIC-5000NEX in my 2011 Ram 1500 yesterday. I used the iDataLink Maestro to enable steering controls. The firmware shows to be 1.081000 on the head unit from the factory and I am using an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS installed. When I plug the iPhone into the unit(in USB port 1) it immediately recognizes it as an iPod and does not enable CarPlay. What am I missing? Thanks!
  22. Just got a Appradio4. Updated firmware (1.08). New iPhone 6 (iOS 8.2). My maps app freezes consistently. Usually within minutes of usage on my appradio, my maps will free up, and the radio will become 100% unresponsive to any touch. This is while in Carplay mode. When I unplug my phone during this, the radio will exit carplay and my normal features work on the headunit, but if I try to plug my phone back in, I cannot get back into carplay. The only way to get back is to reset my phone completely. To rule out, I have tried 2 iPhones so far. Same issue. Both latest software. Does anyone else have consistent freezing and unresponsive issues? I contacted pioneer and they claim they are unaware of ANY reports, (which sounds misleading). I'm just trying to figure out this thing because this radio can be amazing if Carplay didnt freeze as much
  23. Hi Folks, Not sure if anyone else has had some goofiness and hopefully Apple and Pioneer will make nice and work closer together to resolve things. But here is my experience, strength and hope so far... First off I really like the CarPlay features and I think it has made me a much safer driver. I really like how the 15 second advance/rewind works for the Podcast app since that is what I am often listening to while driving. Much safer with the big buttons to skip commercials. I am pretty handy and the install of the unit was easy. Total cost was just at $500 US with Amazon. Compared to the crap I bought a few years ago for near the same price I am a happy camper. Overall it works well about 90% but Siri has trouble as others describe. Still much better than using the iPhone without hands free. I live rurally and in the mountains and splurged to add a cell phone signal booster for about the same price as the 4000NEX. But that was the best money spent and Siri was much happier with good LTE signals. Got an increase of 50% of signal strength overall. Since the phone would freeze on rare occasions. I contacted Pioneer to see if there is a firmware update due out soon and got a not anytime soon response. Hopefully the next iOS update will incorporate a setting for CarPlay as currently rumored that may make it all work well. I really think the hangups are iOS related. Also I found it helps to unplug if you turn the radio or it will increase the glitches. The 4000NEX is kinda on the lower end but really only lacks the navigation which is unnecessary if you like Apple Maps. I don't mind the lower end screen since comparison reviews for the higher end screen did not make much of a difference. Again I mostly use CarPlay so nice screens would be wasted at any rate. I did just have one major issue and is the main reason I posted here so to alert others. I almost had to send my iPhone back for concern of hardware issue when it got stuck thinking there was a headphone being used. I was chatting with AppleCare and after powering off and even "Reset of All Settings" it stayed stuck. The next plan was to reset back to factory settings which is a pain. Then last ditch would have been to ship it off for hardware repair. I decided to go back and hook it back up to CarPlay. It worked well and CarPlay and once done and disconnected all was well. Again my bet is that this is an iOS issue since it seems to vary with issues based on iOS upgrades. Overall worth every penny and glad I have it. Hope this helps all those on the fence.
  24. iPhone 6 Stopping Radio

    Hi All, I have an iPhone 6 plugged into my NEX-4000 and if I try to browse any app on the iPhone 6 while plugged in the deck stops all audio. Has anyone else seen this?
  25. Wireless CarPlay

    So who else is upset after spending money on a fancy NEX-8000? http://9to5mac.com/2015/02/09/ios-8-3-brings-wireless-carplay-to-the-iphone/