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Complete 3.0 Install Guide

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ONLY DOWNLOAD FILES IF YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO USE 3.0 Retell nor Avic411 Condones Piracy. Please note this is not the official Retail Pioneer 3.0 Update! If you break your unit, Pioneer will NOT fix

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@ pwnin o'brien:


After doing the steps in this guide, ive updated to 3.010100 using the instructions from pioneers website, just as a normal x-series user would.


Note that during the update i chose the wince format option, and also i deleted the whole flash disk before copying the 3.0 image over. Hope this helps...

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I also chose the Format option next to Update via SD. My 3.003 upgrade was textbook and went very smoothly. When trying the 3.0101 update on Pioneers site using their instructions, it just wont work right.


When you choose the Update via SD/MMC (Format) option, that formats the entire flash memory so that nothing is in the My Flash Disk folder upon restart, except for a couple of WinCE system files.

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You do not actually have to do the update windowsCE with format.


I already had the new windows from the hacked 3.0 without maps from a few days ago and just deleted everything on the flash disk without formating and copyed all the new stuff from the torrent back on the drive and poof i have full 3.0


Me too. Its working fine.


I do have a few things to fine tune still. My Samantha voice is gone as are my contacts. I know how to fix the contacts but not sure about the voice. I am pretty sure I'll figure it out though.


I am looking forward to someone smarter than me to hack the navi so I can get my CMH mods back.

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I put back the original DATA.zip file from this thread, and all is well again. For the life of me I can not get the mute-voice-guidance button or the compass-cancel-route button to work. Any chance of a DATA.zip file with all of these (including the software bypass)?


Did you ever get this to work? I've been out of the loop for awhile on this forum, and just noticed this thread. I had a few shortcuts on my map screen, as well as the mute and cancel-route buttons. I'd really like to know if these are still customizable within the data.zip before I proceed. Sorry if that's a newb question, if anyone can respond to confirm it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody!

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I got the mute button mod working no problem, but can not seem to get the compass mod button working. I got a shortcut menu working for POI lookup, address entry, history, favorites, home, etc.


That would be great to add back in. Did you follow the instructions here or where there tweaks for it?





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torrent works for me. BUt im not sure step 4 will work on the F500BT :-( Is this the same sofware That I paid 60$ for? Im waiting for my SD cards to ship.


Step 4: Turn unit on. When the pioneer logo comes up, press and hold the menu, map, eject and the reset button at the same time. When you hear a pop sound from your speakers, let go of the eject button but continue to hold menu and map buttons. This will bring you to a blue screen where you will have to enter the service combination. Press the volume knob in this sequence and you will see * signs for each push: Up, Up, Down, Menu, Left, Right.


there is no eject on the F500BT :x

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I don't get the first link? I'm halfway through the update but realized I don't have the flash dump? How do I get that? I'm in a hurry, I leave town on a roadtrip tomorrow and right now have a non working unit!



Install Vuse. Its secure.

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