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New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F940Bt F840BT Etc 2019

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Okay two years and another release for all these machines. Last time i bought the software and spread the wealth this time i need help as my situation has changed . I firstly need to  buy the software with the highest donator getting the original pack and the unused key, Everybody else will get the software for free every Euro , Dollar or pound will help my payal me address is


I will keep you in the loop with daily updates till we reach £125 then i will post it here  for FREE have a feeling Rons Shortfuse hack will do it again

Lets all help each other 

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spelling mistake doh!
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@brommie The F9220BT (same as F920BT but for VW group dashboard)  you have is MY09-10 and the update @spoon1 has is MY11-12.

If @spoon1 shares the update the CARDINFO.CIF needs editing to be able to update your or others model MY09-10, but with previous updates this has been a succes already so it is normally possible if the needed changes for CARDINFO.CIF are found!


The same goes for the nag screen hack (to skip OK prompt warning on startup for navigation) that will also need to be found again (the correct hex adresses that need to be edited)


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5 hours ago, Pioneer snow said:

@brommie The F9220BT (same as F920BT but for VW group dashboard)  you have is MY09-10 and the update @spoon1 has is MY11-12.


Are you sure he has MY11-12 maps? All spoon1's previous requests for updates were for an F950-BT, which is MY13. That unit's hardware is not compatible with the earlier units. He has never posted exactly what firmware he has and that splash screen doesn't indicate a model.

Seems to me he is being intentionally vague and since he is not posting a link, it sounds like he's attempting to sell the update.  All this could easily be clarified by a short post from him.

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