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Found 20 results

  1. I have an interesting phenomena that occurs with my AVH-W4500NEX. When connected wireless, running CarPlay, and with Waze and a streaming audio such as Pandora or Spotify active, the unit will crash and reboot. Oddly, it does this in only at one particular intersection along my commute route (that I have so far discovered). The audio stream will begin to break up, the map will stop updating and then the Pioneer unit will crash and reboot. Most times, my iPhone SE will reconnect but not always. This happens in the same location regardless of which direction I am traveling. I plan to
  2. 4200NEX Pandora won't connect. Keep getting cannot connect error message. Anyone else having this problem.
  3. Hey guys so I have the Z110BT unit and I've never been able to get the music to come out of the car stereo when connected via USB cable. Initially I thought it was because the software was too old or what not. So i just upgraded to the latest version 6.00 and still no luck. I can play via Bluetooth just fine, but when I plug in via USB and open up pandora, the unit recognizes I'm trying to play pandora, but the music comes out of my phone instead of the car stereo. The weird thing is, I have the option to thumbs up/down tracks and even select my playlist which all work. I'm using an
  4. Hello Folks- I need a difinitive answer on whether or not my Galaxy S3 and Pioneer Avic X-940BT can communicate and control Pandora and Aha Radio via the Pioneer interface. This is an update from the 930BT, so I don't know if that's where my issue lies. The Blue Toothe, phone contacts and everything else works fine but the Pandora and Aha Radio just wont connect.
  5. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their iPhone (I have 6s) with ios 9.2 update. Since I did that update, when I plug the phone into the ipod connector (I use the 30pin to lightening adapter), Pandora starts instead of the ipod function. Up until that point when you plugged it in, the ipod function would start if it was on another function or if it was the last thing selected. I have never used the Pandora feature in the car, so not sure what triggered that. Just wondering if I'm alone on this... I guess if you use Pandora all the time, maybe you wouldn't notice?
  6. I just got my AVIC 8100NEX today, and when I first ran Android Auto I used to be able to simultaneously also be connected to bluetooth, and Pandora would show up on the Android Auto list to play. It worked great but after I updated the firmware to 1.03 Pandora or Bluetooth for that matter will not work or even be available at the same time that I am using Android Auto. I used to be able to use Pandora at the same time I had Android Auto running. How can I fix this? -------EDIT------ Ok...my mistake. I just realized I have to press the onscreen "headphone" icon twice to have the Pand
  7. So my phone hooks up great to my headunit. When i play anything through bluetooth it plays just fine in bluetooth mode. But when I start the pandora app and go into pandora mode, my pandora app on my phone goes into pioneer accessory mode (which is good) and my NEX screen shows the artist and song playing (which is good). The problem is there is no sound! If i go back on the HU and go to bluetooth audio then itll be playing...I want it to be playing in pandora mode though
  8. Came across this on my first google search. . This will work without a jailbreak (- the unlimited skips hack) IF JAILBROKEN on 7.0.4 - Download/install through Cydia - Pandora downloader Ver 3.5.2 Nav to the settings and enable unlimted skips/ no ads I can confirm this works I live in Canada, my App Radio 3 connects to my iPhone 5S Pandora app on iOS 7.0.4 Works perfect through that VPN hack Enjoy.
  9. I just had a X950BH installed, and the Pandora, and Aha icons missing as sources? I am not even at the point of trying AppRadio, ARLiberator, the kit described here; http://www.appradioworld.com/2013/08/how-to-correctly-connect-samsung-galaxy.html Anyways, I only have two sources whether plugged in, or paired with bluetooth- HD Radio bluetooth My X850BT works fine with Pandora, and presumably aha if I wanted it. Anyone seen this issue? Thanks, Jon
  10. After running through the syncing process, I'm unable to play Pandaro nor the iPod using the bluetooth feature located on the Z140BH. I'am able to make a phone call so I know it's synced. When I click on the bluetooth icon on the Z140BH it shows playing but no sound. I try to connect under the connect feature and it says "Unable to Connect" I'm using iPhone 5 OS 7.0.4. Pioneer V4.6. I've contacted Pioneer and the rep stated "They have no known issues". *** Does anyone have any suggestions???? ***
  11. Just had a z150 installed in my silverado and am having a few issues with it. my installer used the CD-IU201N cable for the ipod/iphone adapter. I have an iphone 5 so i just put a 30-pin to lightning cable adapter at the end of it in order to use it. This setup worked fine with my z140, but when i plug my iphone into the cable with the z150 the unit doesn't even recognize that anything is attached. my phone begins to charge, but nothing pops up on the screen. If there is a way to make this work I would love to not need to go spend $100 bucks on new cables to make the iphone 5 work. Any i
  12. Hey folks, So i was just reading that with the 8.30 update I did when it was first released should have removed Pandora from the main screen? Now did i read this wrong? I have seen multiple videos of people with AR2 and Pandora is NOT there.. Was wondering what was up? I have never used Pandora due to it not being available here in the Great White North(Canada) Thanks!
  13. I just installed a z150bh head unit in my xterra I have a stock Nexus 4, not rooted. In order to get it hooked up I switched out the MHL adapter for a slimport adapter that seems to work for most people. Pandora, when operated from the avic screen rather than just a direct bluetooth audio, has issues staying connected. I will hear music from the car speakers for a few seconds, then from my phone for a few seconds. I checked the bluetooth menu on my Nexus 4 and noticed the connection status switching back and forth from a normal connection to a connection "without media" every few
  14. I guys I look all through the forums specifically for this topic being covered. I found many articles talking about people not being able to use the Iphone5 when PLUGGED IN, because the interface has changed from analog AV to digital AV in the Iphone5. I get that. What I am trying to do is use my Iphone5 through Bluetooth to launch Pandora, so I can app control it on the screen like I could with my blackberry, and my nexus android. I can stream audio perfectly fine from the Iphone but I am looking for that last little part where I as able to do it before. I keep seeing news letters from
  15. Just installed the x950bh. I have a galaxy s3 phone and I first tried to connect to the unit via bluetooth with pandora - I can stream pandora but cannot control pandora from the head unit. All other bluetooth functionality works with the unit just fine but I want to be able to control pandora from the headunit. I then decided to try the mhl route and got an MHL connector. I was able to connect to the unit and both the Pandora and Aha radio apps show up on the head unit - however, appradio is continuously connecting and disconnecting (without me touching anything) and it is driving me craz
  16. I recently installed the AVIC Z 140BH in my car. I pared my EVO 3D through bluetooth. I don't see any options for Pandora. I don't see my phone song list or playlists. Do I need to do anything special in my phone or the car music system?
  17. I purchased the 2012 map update and installed it today. My razr maxx connects to the z130 and I can make calls and see my contacts but the pandora and aha apps will not respond. I get an error message. Please connect...when I hit connect it says it is unable to connect to Bluetooth device. I have reset the unit and phone to resync the Bluetooth. I have been through all av and Bluetooth settings with tec support. I can play anything through the Bluetooth option but there is no info and no control from the z130. PLEASE HELP I have an 8 hour trip Saturday and really could use my pandora.
  18. I've had a U310BT for a couple years now and have no complaints running on firmware version 1.003(I believe). The only thing I wish to add is Pandora radio. Certainly, I can connect my phone via the mini-jack port but I would to link it via Bluetooth. I've been reading a bit and it seems many have got custom apps on their head units to do various things but I haven't read anything about Pandora. Has anyone linked Pandora through Bluetooth or know if it's even possible with is unit? I think A2DP through Bluetooth is the feature I'm trying to add.
  19. I have a newly purchased X940BT that I installed. Whenever I am listening to Pandora through the built-in Pandora app on the radio, the source will randomly switch to iPod and the screen goes black (like going into App Mode), and Pandora will keep playing. This is annoying because it seems to happen every other song or so. I would like it to stay on Pandora mode though, so I can give thumbs up or down, and see album art, but I constantly have to switch the Source back to Pandora. Same thing with Aha. It also does the same thing when I am listening to FM radio. The source will randomly swit
  20. i wanted to show every one the best way to stream pandora... watch video's from and i device, even iphone 4s, and all ipods... listen to music and much more... 1. BUY PART - OPTION 1 apple users only- a isimple cable is76 about $25 on amazon as of 2/2012 ( this cable hooks into the bottom of your ipod like a charger does, on the other end of the cable it has all av composite ends video/audio/ and +/- ) or OPTION 2 any other audio/video users - with a head phone jack,android, even iphones - 3.55m to composite cable. cheap under $10. TIP- get the kind that fits your device.
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