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Found 40 results

  1. Today*, I now have my Samsung phone connected to a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter** (MiraCast) with AppRadio connected to my AVIC-Z150BH working perfectly. Basic setup: A) On the phone you need: 1) AppRadio installed; and, CarKeyBoard installed and set as default keyboard. 'B) On the headunit: Connect the MiraCast USB to the headunit's USB port two*** and the MiraCast HDMI to the headunit's HDMI port. C) On the phone: start MiraCast (this is different for different phones search for specific phone) and connect to the MiraCast Adapter. D) On your headunit: from the home screen of the the headunit tap the AppRadio icon. You'll go through the calibration process. No more plugging in ugly cables. Enjoy! Please note: I have not tested this but believe this should work with all units with the HDMI port. E.g. AVIC-F50BT (European), et al, AVIC-X950BH and NEX series units. Please send me a note if you do this on other units. * In the past, I was playing with Google's Chromecast and was able to get some of the functionality working but it wasn't what I wanted and stopped playing with it. ** It may work with other MiraCast adapters but I used this Part Number: 885370993844 *** The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter came with a USB extension that I had to use because there's not enough space to plug the USB without it.
  2. Hey folks! It's been quite a few years since I've been on here. But when I got my Z110BT I got all kinds of information from this site and hoping I can do so again. So I just picked up my 4400NEX and will be doing a custom install into my motorcycle. I already have the reverse ribbon cable so I can install the faceplate/mount onto a custom tray on the bike. This will allow me to still be able to remove the face when I leave the bike, but the rest of the unit will be mounted inside of the bikes fairing separately. It's hard to hit all of the posts about the 4400 because I don't know which ones have the most up to date information. Aside from having a good sounding system I'm also trying to setup the radio for travel. I'd like all of the information I typically have on my phone to be on the screen when it comes to navigation, phone calls, or even youtube videos (I don't watch, just listen). There are so many options with this radio it's hard to get moving with it. What are my best bets as far as getting started with this bad boy? Looking forward to seeing what this thing can do! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Gang I have a 5000NEX in my 2011 Dodge I bought used with Radio already installed. I have already used "blank screen bypass" to get Nav working. The previous owner has a USB cable mounted under the dash. I am sure it is plugged into one of the USB's in the head unit. I am sure because he did several small but slick things in adding aftermarket stuff. Question is...how can I tell? I have an android phone and want to see if it's plugged into android compatible port on radio. Thoughts? I could also get access to iPhone if I have to. I'd love it to be plugged into android port so I could update software, maps, etc. without tearing dash apart! Any help is appreciated!!!
  4. I've seen several posts regarding the bypass to enable video while driving, none really answer my question. I guess my goal is to be able to have video playing while in motion but ONLY on the rear monitor. I frequently have my 4 year old in the backseat and have the headrest monitor playing a video from a DVD or the SD card. In my Jeep, I have the 4200 HU with the bypass installed so I can play video on the rear screen. I tried using the wired Android Auto and CarPlay but you cannot control the rear output source and it simply mirrors the HU. I just got the 4400 and was wondering the following: 1) if you don't put in a bypass and connect GPS and the speed sensor wire, can you still play video in motion as long as it's just the rear screen? 2) Can you set separate rear video source while using wireless AA/CP? 3) if I install a bypass and leave the GPS/VSS disconnected, can I still use wireless AA/CP and have video in motion as long as I'm not using a GPS based app like Google maps? I've read that the unit will actually check your phone's GPS signal for motion in conjunction with the parking brake sensor, even with the HU's VSS and GPS unplugged. Can anyone help answer my questions? Also open to other suggestions. Really all I want is wireless AA/CP with the ability to play video in motion ONLY on the rear monitor output. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I am new to this Forum and very happy to see it. I have a 6200NEX installed in a 2016 Ford F-350 with SYNC and paired with an Android phone. I have updated the firmware and for the most part the unit seems to be working fine with following exception. If the unit is in Source Off mode and a call comes in, the phone will ring through the speakers and show on the screen but I cannot answer the telephone with the steering wheel or on the unit. If I swipe and answer the phone the callers voice does not come through the speakers. If I have any kind of source on, USB, Radio, etc. then the phone works just fine. I have tried various things such as re-pairing etc. and still no changes. At this point I'm assuming that it is simply an incompatibility problem between SYNC, Pioneer and Android combined. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on that? Also - Does anyone know of a quick way to turn Source Off or Power Off without going through the 3 step process of Home - AV - Source Off? Thank you
  6. Hello, Anyone try or think about porting android to our systems ? It'll be a game changer -speed will be snappy, more things allowed , so on and so forth?
  7. Android stick on F960BT

    Hi I have a question for Android stick users who succesfuly connected it their units. I have Avic F960BT (NEX5000) and would like to purchase one of RK3188 sticks Question is: - is it enough to connect it via USB2 ( for power ) and HDMI cable? Or maybe I need some kind of pass through? I consider buying MK809III but I have seen that there are a lot of different sticks like 809IV, 809V ecc. Is it that important or just focus on RK3188 chip? Thanks Kura
  8. Just installed my camera and running into a problem. When the car is off (but the key is in position 2) or if the car is running and my Note 3 is not connected, the camera works as expected, i.e. when in reverse or when I tap the button on the main screen. When the phone is connected the to radio, the camera will display a distorted, completely unusable image. So it seems there's a problem with the phone working while the camera is on. I would have thought it might be a grounding issue but the problem happens when the phone is connected via Bluetooth, as opposed to the HDMI connection. Has anyone run into this situation?
  9. Avic x910bt screen mirroring

    Is it possible to do screen mirroring with an android phone with the avic x910bt? What cables should I buy? Do I just need to upgrade?
  10. I just had a 4000NEX deck installed thinking it was the 4100NEX with Android Auto. I realized my screwup and for now will have to live with it. When I first was playing with the deck and had my Android phone paired, there was a bluetooth menu and I could use other music players (Like PlayerFM) and it would show information on the NEX and allow me to control it through there. Now, no matter how hard I try and what settings I change, I can only get the Pandora integration to work. This is OK, because after I open Pandora I can open PlayerFM and it takes over, but Pandora is still on the screen on the NEX and I have to use my phone to control Player FM. Was I smoking something that made me think the Bluetooth menu was opened up, or what am I doing wrong that won't allow it to open up now?
  11. The AVIC Development Mod

    Introduction WhatIsBypass, AdamOutler and myself present The AVIC Development Mod We have eliminated the barriers to development on all AVIC units including Android Auto. You can now create your own ROM on an SDCard and boot directly into it. We've broken all the security and obfuscations, and we've delivered it to you in a nice, easy-to-use web user interface. This has essentially turned the Pioneer line of units into Nexus devices, that boot off SD Cards. We now have the ability to change the NEX BSP Settings which allow us to unlock the SD Card and change the boot settings that are in the Pioneer NEX. We are asking all ROM developers with a NEX step and help us create our own ROM to run on all versions on the NEX System. With the help of all you we can begin to add USB Wifi Drivers, a custom app launcher, the play store, interface skins, more radio presets, radio station data augmented by the internet, Android Auto, iDatalink Gauges, and much more only limited by what we can develop. NEVER ENTER COPY DEVICE MODE, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE! It is fixable though but a pain as described by WhatIsWhat Overview Here's a quick overview of what we will do in this post. Overview Steps: 1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash 2. Backup your current internal SD Card, or obtain a backup SD Card Image. 3. Navigate to https://jenkins.adamoutler.com/job/Customize%20BSP/build?delay=0sec and select the options you want 4. Remember your build number and download your package. 5. Extract to USB stick 6. Put it into USB Port 1 7. Run Script. 8. If you removed the SD Card password you need to insert a new internal SD Card with a backup image. 9. Done! How To Let's talk about the details, now. Run Copy Script Mode: 1. Insert the USB Stick to USB Port 1 on the device. 2. Start the deck, it will then reboot into Technical TestMode. You must use the keys to navigate the menus. BE VERY CAREFUL AS SOME OPTIONS CAN BRICK YOUR UNIT. 3. Use the Vol - button to navigate to "Write Programs Forcibly" 4. Press the Home Button to select this menu 5. Use the Vol - button to navigate to "Copy Script" 6. Press the Home Button to select this menu 7. Take note of the Values on the right hand side of the screen, THESE WILL BE ERASED. (It is currently unknown if these will be needed in the future). If you really want to keep these values though, you can write them down and place them in the corresponding SDCardCWWVersion.txt before you continue. 8. Press the Home Button to run the script. 9. After it says 100% press the Home Button to reset the unit and remove the USB stick. Full Steps to get to a development state: 1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash. See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/ for this. 2. Backup your Internal SD Card (Skip to 3 if you have an unlocked image you want to use) See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/ for this. 3.Install a Customized BSP A. Navigate to https://jenkins.casual-dev.com/job/Customize%20BSP/build?delay=0sec B. Select the options that you want to enable. The currently known defaults are already selected. For development select debugSwitch: Debug On Console On, subBootMode: Disable Warp, choicePassword: Remove the Password C. Click Build and note the build number that was started on the left. D. Navigate to https://jenkins.casual-dev.com/job/Customize%20BSP/NSERT_BUILD_NUMBER_HERE/artifact/ where INSERT_BUILD_NUMBER_HERE is your build number. E. Click the (all files in zip) F. Extract the contents of the download to a USB Stick. (FAT32 or NTFS) G. Follow the "Copy Script Mode" steps. H. The unit when it reboots should error out because you removed the SD Card Password lock. 4. Insert an Unlocked Internal SD Card Image A. dd the AVIC.img you backed up to an SD Card of the appropriate size. B. Insert the new SD Card into the Internal SD Card slot. C. Start up the unit. NOTE: It will take a bit for the device to boot since you have disabled WARP above. 5. Congrats!!!! You can now remove the internal SD Card at will and modify the items in the partition and put it back into the Deck. Good luck on your Custom Rom Development and be sure to share your creations!! What we are now asking of the ROM Community: 1. Help us by developing custom roms using the steps above and sharing your creations. 2. Once we have a custom rom we want to share easily, we will get to the steps where we start Creating a new WARP snapshot, and recompiling them back into PRG Update Files. 3. Find a way to enable ADB, One option would be to add a Network Bluetooth Profile, Another option is figuring out USB OTG properly. 4. Lets create an app launcher. 5. Figure out how to modify the maps. 6. Figure out Android Auto/Bluetooth Audio on older models with the new software. Additional Reading Repo of the PRG recompile and TestMode Scripts: https://github.com/bassrock/AVIC-NEX Pioneer 5100 Sources: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5100nex/index.html Pioneer 5000 Sources: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5000nex/index.html Update 8/13/15: ​We have found a new Developer debug mode that can be discussed and spend by following the steps here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81482-avic-development-mod-developer-debug-menu/
  12. Hi, As an android user and an AVIC-8000NEX owner, I would like to have your opinion and feedback on the different car mode apps out there such as Car Home Ultra, Car Dashdroid, AutoMate, etc. Which one are you using and what makes it stands out compare to other apps? Thanks
  13. So my phone hooks up great to my headunit. When i play anything through bluetooth it plays just fine in bluetooth mode. But when I start the pandora app and go into pandora mode, my pandora app on my phone goes into pioneer accessory mode (which is good) and my NEX screen shows the artist and song playing (which is good). The problem is there is no sound! If i go back on the HU and go to bluetooth audio then itll be playing...I want it to be playing in pandora mode though
  14. z130bt needed, ipod,aux and usb

    Hello everyone, okay im new at this, so please dont bash. Ive done my research around, but never could find a conclusion on how to make it work. Im buying a z130bt, i want to have the ipod cable along with the aux and an extra usb. i read that most usb hubs don't work, and since the z130 only has one usb slot it would already take up the place for the ipod connection, along with the aux connection. i have a 08 Subaru STI (non Nav) and it has the aux in the center console, would i still have that connection or would the ipod take it away? would a usb splitter work to have two usb slots instead of the factory one? Another question which there have been many topics about, the android compability. i have the Galaxy S3, and i know that with the firmware updates you can connect it now but how exactly? is it only through BT? Thanks in advance everyone. PS: really sorry if this was already answered in other forums. Ive been reading up but ive never found a concrete answer; most forums people never returned to answer the question.
  15. I've decided to dump my iPhone and switch to Android. In fact I just picked up a new HTC One, but I'm still within the 14-day return period and I haven't ported my mobile number yet, so I could just return it. Only after I bought the phone did I even remember that my car's head unit (AVH-P3300BT) is all iPhone-facing. Is there any way to make my P3300BT work with my Android phone, either through firmware for the Pioneer or an app running on the phone? thanks for any advice you can provide...
  16. I have an extremely strange issue.. My microphone does not work ONLY during phone calls. When I connect my LG Optimus G to any other bluetooth device it works perfect. I can use google voice commands without issues while connected to my stereo, but when my phone connects to a call, the bluetooth microphone stops working. This started about 2 months ago and I can't seem to figure it out. Does anyone else have this issue, Pioneer has not been helpful to me since I'm out of warranty.
  17. I just had a X950BH installed, and the Pandora, and Aha icons missing as sources? I am not even at the point of trying AppRadio, ARLiberator, the kit described here; http://www.appradioworld.com/2013/08/how-to-correctly-connect-samsung-galaxy.html Anyways, I only have two sources whether plugged in, or paired with bluetooth- HD Radio bluetooth My X850BT works fine with Pandora, and presumably aha if I wanted it. Anyone seen this issue? Thanks, Jon
  18. So, I have a question. I had purchased an HTC ONE, and was wondering how does the audio get to the AppRadio deck? Is it through Bluetooth, or is it through the HDMI cable? I mean music audio not call audio.
  19. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII paired to my X940 BT upgraded from X930. And it works fine actually, all except that I can't seem to get any album art or information to show up when I play music locally. The album art and info shows up just fine when I'm using Pandora app mode but when I play music with another player off my phones SD card, all I get is the audio. Any help?
  20. Avic-F950BT

    Does anybody know if the hardware of the avic-f950bt is (about) the same as the 940bt and 930bt and/or it might be possible, to upgrade the 930bt/940bt to the 950bt? If I understood it well, the 950bt has also the appradio mode for Android.
  21. Hi so I'm looking to buy an AppRadio over the summer, preferably when the new AppRadio 3 comes out. I currently have an iPhone 4s but I am getting a new phone in October/November, and i am not entirely sure if I am getting another iPhone (5s or whatever comes out over the summer), or an Android (most likely Samsung GS4). I understand that for apps to work with the AppRadio I need the right cables, and since I will change phones in a few months, I will need to switch cables. Now that brings me to other questions... I am certain I am buying the AppRadio 3 over the summer. But in order for apps to work with my current iPhone 4s, I will need to use that cable. Is it worth it to buy that cable to use until October/November and then buy another cable when I need to? Or should I not buy a cable at all and just make do with just the radio for a couple of months? How much do these cables cost? Is it an easy installation? I am probably going to let Bestbuy do the installation. I understand I am just switching one cable so that is all I would have to pay for plus labor? Also, for those of you who have the AppRadio, what OS works better with it? iOS? or Android? How is it with a jailbroken iPhone or ARliberator? This might lean me to pick one phone over the other. And how is it with just a regular iPhone or Android? Is it better if I Jailbreak it or add ARliberator? I've seen videos on Youtube about people who have use a samsung allshare cast dongle with their S3 to do everything wirelessly. Is that an option for me? would it cost more? And now that the AppRadio 3 has mirrorlink connectivity, is that compatible with either the iPhone 5(s) or the S4? How would mirrorlink work with the AppRadio? Sorry for all the questions this is my first post and I just really want to make the right choice.
  22. Just installed the x950bh. I have a galaxy s3 phone and I first tried to connect to the unit via bluetooth with pandora - I can stream pandora but cannot control pandora from the head unit. All other bluetooth functionality works with the unit just fine but I want to be able to control pandora from the headunit. I then decided to try the mhl route and got an MHL connector. I was able to connect to the unit and both the Pandora and Aha radio apps show up on the head unit - however, appradio is continuously connecting and disconnecting (without me touching anything) and it is driving me crazy. I bought the Skiva combintion usb/hdmi mhl connector which has awesome reviews on Amazon. 1) Can I control Pandora on the head unit via bluetooth? I know you can on the 940 - but was this changed with the 950 so mhl is the only way? 2) Any thoughts on why the mhl connection keeps continuously connecting and disconnecting?
  23. Has anyone tried AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) with Sony Xperia ion LTE with HDMI. I am ruinning 4.0.4 ICS and the phone is ROOTED. Thanks
  24. Hey everyone, I have a AVIC F920BT unit that I connect via bluetooth to my android phone running 4.2.1. I used to be able to control the music player on android (google music, probably other apps worked too - not sure) using the hardware buttons on the avic unit ( << and >> ) so I could start playing music or skip to the previous/next song. It would also show song info onscreen about the current playing song. This doesn't work anymore, and I wonder what the reason is.. could be new android 4.2? In bluetooth music section on the avic unit, it doesn't work when I press connect. The connection is active though, so I can hear the music playing, the unit just doesn't seem able to take control of android music controls. Any ideas on a fix ? Thnx! Fire
  25. Has Pioneer got it backward?

    This forum is filled with questions regarding compatibility with this iPhone or that Android, and which Bluetooth versions. Meanwhile I can plug a 64gb SD card in the head unit that has all the music, video and album art I ever wanted. Why don't they just enhance the player functionality when using SD so it's not so brain dead? They certainly have the processing power but the player is less functional than a 10 year old version of WinAmp. Honestly if I could just load all my music and playlists on SD and access it via a decent and functional UI I'm not so sure I give a $&);/ about phone integration. Of course voice has to work but that's already done. Fix the player!